Chic New York City Photo Shoot by loli events + Merci New York
May 3, 2011
Tri State

Devouring these gorgeous photos from Missy Photography is like devouring a good romance novel. And boy does this photo shoot from Merci New York and loli events tell quite the story. A New York City rendezvous that ends in a spontaneous elopement, all under the gorgeous roof of The Surrey Hotel. Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just this photo shoot? It's like a book you just can't put down, and lucky for you there is even more in the full gallery!









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The Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side has an intimate, boutique-vibe that packs a solid punch of New York glam with it's wonderful Daniel Boulud restaurants and ever-chic decor.  We thought it's location, reputation, design and overall feel were the perfect setting for a New York City-themed wedding story. Like any strong editorial, our shoot had a defined story to work it's way through the various fashion, flowers, treats and decor that weaved their way through the photos.  The Surrey's motto is "Everything but the Wedding," so with that in mind, our team crafted vignettes that spoke to the before, during and after of a chic elopement...

Our five vignettes delivered the mise en scene for: a boudoir setting, a reunited love affair, a romantic engagement, a city-chic elopement, and of course... an intimate champagne-fused celebration at Daniel Boulud's Bar Pleiades.  Our goal was to show everyone's work in a city-centric light that showed brides a decidedly different wedding day style {and great looks to accompany a slew of wedding-related celebrations, from shower, to rehearsal, to wedding and brunch!}

Meet uptown girl, madeline and downtown boy, oliver.  despite being from two different worlds, literally and figuratively, these star-crossed lovers are in love and have kept the flame burning in the most timeless and romantic of manners -- the love letter.  after a few years of correspondence, madeline receives word that oliver is coming back to new york.  what will happen?

The place and setting -- a rainy day at the beautiful and chic surrey hotel.  while madeline gets ready to be reunited with her love oliver, she re-reads his letters, building the anticipation of the reunion.  at the same time, oliver is making his way to be meet the lovely madeline, flowers in hand. They meet in the lobby and it is as if the years apart have melted away.  over an intimate tea of two, they know that they can no longer be apart.  in the most spontaneous of proposals, they decide to marry and be together forever.  Naturally after tying the knot, madeline and oliver want to celebrate.  it's another intimate celebration of dessert and champagne at bar pleiades, the surrey's fashionable and elegant cocktail bar.  madeline and oliver are finally together and new york is where it happened.

Photography: Missy Photography / Fashion Styling: Merci New York / Planning & Design: loli events / Floral Desgin & Calligraphy: kat flower / Pastries: Gigi Blue Delectable Edibles / Hair & Makeup: Stacy Pitt + Lauren Iavarone of Expert Makeup Artistry / Female Model: Lyric Lincoln / Male Model: Jonathan Bender / Venue: The Surrey Hotel