Pennsylvania Wedding by Beautiful Blooms Events
April 28, 2011
Mid Atlantic
VintageFall Weddings

When someone mentions they have a wedding with French Bohemian flair for me to gawk over, I say sign me up. Well,  this French Bohemian fête is no exception. I signed up in ink, crossed my t's, dotted my i's, and I went ahead and signed all of you up as well - I am pretty sure you won't mind. Mostly considering all of that fabulous flair came from the talented minds behind Beautiful Blooms Events, Styled Creative, and CinemaCake Filmmakers - just to name a few. So get to gawking, and don't forget there is more of this Pennsylvania pretty in the full gallery.

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And just because we love a good wedding video (who doesn't?), here is some more pretty from the talents at CinemaCake Filmmakers.

Sloane Trailer from CinemaCake Filmmakers on Vimeo.

From Beautiful Blooms Events... Jill and Jeffrey's Wedding and Reception was at Jill's family home on the Main Line in Pennsylvania.  The couple chose a Sunday afternoon in October to host their French Bohemian affair.  Guests arrived and were seated outside under a sailcloth tent to participate and celebrate along with the couple at their Jewish Ceremony. After the Ceremony, guests meandered onto the terrace and surrounding grounds to enjoy Champagne opened by Jill and Jeffrey with their own personal sabers.  Starr Events was on hand providing all of the amazing culinary treats.

The French Bohemian Reception continued under another sailcloth tent on the Family's Grounds. Guests were welcomed with music from one of Elan Artists bands playing fun French inspired music. Tablescapes were designed from a mix of "study" items such as books, metal birds, bird cages and groupings of flowers.  The overall color palette was creams with hints of shades of purples and greens with accents.  Incorporated into the look was a vintage chicken coop which was placed in front of the band and filled with white pumpkins, plants, moss balls and books to continue the design.

After Dinner, guests were treated to a variety of French Crepes provided by Starr Events and a whole table filled with color coordinated candies.  Jill and Jeffrey made their escape later in the evening with guests waving paper flags.

Event Design: Beautiful Blooms Events / Event Planning & Styling: Styled Creative / Wedding Photography: Sarah DiCicco / Hair & Makeup: Béke Beau / Wedding Cinematography: CinemaCake Filmmakers / Music: Elan Artists / Catering: Starr Events / Wedding Venue: Private Residence