DIY Ring Holder by Threaded Together Photography
April 22, 2011

With all the incredible inspiration we throw your way on a daily basis we love to mix it up by sharing projects to help make all the pretty possible.  The folks at Threaded Together Photography not only sent us this adorable idea for a ring holder that would be perfect for any vintage-inspired wedding or for a couple of tea lovers but documented the whole process with some pretty stellar photography.  Get your craft on with the instructions below and then head over to the full gallery to see all the images!

DIY Ring Holder I


1. Vintage tea tin with lid. I found mine at an antique store but you could use any kind of tin that has a motif or colors to fit your theme.

2. Twine. You could also use any kind of string or ribbon you desire as long as it is thin enough to fit through the holes.

3. Drill bit, nail, or other sharp object for puncturing the tin (it's okay to get creative as long as it does the job!)

4. Hammer ( or other heavy object to drive the drill bit in)

5. Scissors for cutting the twine

6. Your rings of course!

DIY Ring Holder II


1. You can eyeball where you want the holes to go (as I did) or mark them with a marker or sticker if you prefer.

2. Place your drill bit where you want to create the hole.

3. Carefully line up your hammer and drive it into the tin to create the holes (you will need two holes to loop the twine through.)

4. Loop the twine through the holes and tie a knot.

5. Slide your rings on, tie a bow and you're done!

DIY Ring Holder III

DIY Ring Holder IV

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From Threaded Together Photography... White satin pillows are a thing of the past with this DIY ring holder! With so many weddings being inspired by vintage, what better way to incorporate a bit of old time charm than with your ring holder? The tin itself also makes a great vase so you get a lot of bang for your buck. The topper is easy for little hands to hold and is sure to be a hit!

Photography: Lynnell Hayes of Threaded Together Photography