Country Western Chic ~ Omaha Wedding From Geoff Johnson Photography
April 20, 2011
By: eddye

Western Country Chic. Kind of catchy. Or is it Country Western Chic? When you pair the joy of the countryside with the love of the city, there's a whole lot of room to create and design, don't you think? The bride will tell you what motivated their wedding style below, but I think she might have created a whole new category! From Geoff Johnson Photography, an elegant country chic wedding at Happy Hollow Country Club ...

Paloma Blanca Wedding Gown

Geoff Johnson Wedding Program

Wedding Gown Paloma Blanca

Magenta Bridesmaids Bouquet

Geoff Johnson Wedding Ceremony

Geoff Johnson Bridesmaids Dresses

Nebraska Wedding Centerpiece

Nebraska Wedding Reception

Wedding First Dance

Geoff Johnson Omaha Wedding

See Alison and J.R.'s whole SMP gallery here ~ their Engagement Shoot from Geoff Johnson right here ~ plus more of their wedding on Geoff's blog here!

J.R. and I are a funny combination of big city and small town people. We love downtown and urban places, but have a true love for the country and wide open spaces. I wanted our wedding to be extremely classy and chic, but also casual and fun, thus evolved the idea of a western country chic styled wedding. We knew we needed a large-ish venue and we knew that the food at Happy Hollow was fantastic, so that was pretty much a done deal.

We had a “house party” which is a Southern tradition. I first encountered it when I was in college at Baylor in Texas. It’s another group of close friends that gets to be a part of the wedding, but doesn’t have to stand up in front. They are hosts, take care of details, etc. It was a blast being able to have more of our close friends in the wedding than we would have been able to otherwise. This IS a delightful southern tradition that helps include all your very close friends into the overall celebration of the moment at hand ~ your extra-special go-to girls from your past, present and future!

One thing we did that was a little quirky, had to do with the fact that I ADORE pizza and popcorn. So ... at the reception, we had, you guessed it! Pizza and Popcorn. La Casa Pizzaria catered in with bottles of coke and Vic’s popcorn delivered at the end of the night. Everyone was starving and it was SO good. It just really hit the spot. Our favors? Yep. Popcorn, Cokes and Pizza. The popcorn was wrapped in cute little boxes with our initials on stickers printed on them to match the wedding colors, tied with a pretty ribbon.

Of all the memories that will forever be with me, I think that my most favorite are the private moments with J.R. right before the wedding. I don’t think up until that point it felt very real or that it was actually going to happen. Then, when we saw each other all dressed up and ready to go for the first time, we were like, “OH MY GOSH…we are really going to do this; we are really getting married!!” It was so special and I KNOW, I will never forget the moment or the feelings.

Photography: Geoff Johnson Video/Cinematography: The Wedding Storytellers / Floral & Event Design: Liz Larmore and Aaron Carlson Design / Ceremony Location: Christ Community Church, Omaha / Reception Location: Happy Hollow Country Club, Omaha / Event Planning: Ann Pitschka, Triple AAA Rents & Nina Roumpf, Uniquely Nina / Invitations: Carrie Ratcliff / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Dress: Paloma Blanca / Entertainment/Band: Galaxy Red, from St. Louis, MO