Deposit a Gift Registry
March 26, 2011

Wedding trends are constantly a-changing. One thing that has not changed?  You still need to find somewhere to register for gifts. Many couples are already up to their noses in kitchen appliances and dishes! (Lucky Ducks!) So what’s a soon-to-be-wed to do? We introduce to you… Deposit a Gift. They are an incredibly user-friendly alternative to traditional registries that allows your friends and fam to contribute monetary gifts towards the dreams and experiences you actually want…not ‘stuff’ you don’t!! Genius! The fact that they have actually found a way to simplify and modernize gift giving gives them an A+ in our book!



Do you want a honeymoon registry? A home down payment registry? An anything-you-want-it-to-be registry? Then this has your name written all over it. There are loads of reasons why we love Deposit a Gift, but first and foremost, it gives you options. So instead of china and linens, it lets you to register for your dream vacation, newlywed experiences (like those cooking lessons you’ve been dying for), home improvement projects, a donation to your favorite charity... anything!

Short on time? Their Rapid Registry tool helps you get set up quickly with tons of items and experiences already on pre-made gift lists organized by theme. And don't you spend one second worrying that your guests will be confused with how to start gifting! Deposit a Gift still comes with all the perks you'd expect with a traditional wedding registry. It was built to look, feel and work like a regular registry so it is familiar and easy on gift givers. They even accept credit cards, great for point-addicts! We love it! Oh, and if you want, it also gives you a free wedding website. So head on over to Deposit a Gift to learn about all they have to offer. We're telling you, you won't be disappointed! And there are plenty of registry users who feel the same way. You can click here to see what other couples are saying.