Winter Weddings On The Little Black Book Blog
March 25, 2011
By: eddye
New England
Winter Weddings

We are just now getting the BEST winter weddings and photo shoots in our mailboxes! And although some of you girls who live where it's STILL snowing might think you want to move on ~ we REALLY don't. Not just yet. This next week, on The Little Black Book Blog, we have a few more weddings from those brave souls who adore the snow and pray for a bushel of it on their wedding day. How else will they get those winter-wonderland-shots that they've always dreamed of? Here's a peek at what's in the line-up on The LBB Blog.

A Wonderland Shoot from the awesome Hillary Maybery + a sensational Sun Valley group of wedding afficianados...

Sun Valley Shoot

A Classic Boston Wedding (from a fabulous team of Little Black Book members) at the Hampshire House (aka CHEERS) ...

Boston Winter Wedding

Plus a wedding planner's dream wedding ~ One of LOLA's pro's ties the knot in the blistering cold Chicago winter. Another lovely, brave soul!

Chicago Winter

So as you see, we're not done yet! One more small request ... we want to hear from ALL of you winter wedding sweethearts! We want to hear a loud and resounding round of applause for these couples ~ and their wedding vendors who have choreographed the most spectacular weddings during somewhat less-than-predictable circumstances. We want to hear from you this week!