South Africa Wedding by Otto Schulze Photographers
March 17, 2011
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South Africa is on the top of my list of places I want to get to at least once in my lifetime.  This amazing, handcrafted wedding by Otto Schulze Photographers certainly does not deter me from that dream.  It seriously ranks up there as one of the most crush-worthy, creative nuptials ever.  There are so many pretty little pieces tucked into each corner and every tree branch.  I can't believe how many projects they perfectly executed but they don't even compare to the love that radiates out of every photo.   The DIY, vintage party keeps rocking in the full wedding gallery!

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From the Bride... As much as the term 'vintage' has become overly popular and cliche, our wedding was mainly vintage. It was also colourful, spring, nostalgic, farm, picnic, red & white checked, doilies.  Our entire wedding was to be outside. It wasn't going to rain and we didn't have a back-up plan. On the morning of the 11th it was gray and overcast and my brother welcomed me with the news that there was a 75% chance of rain. By the time I walked down to meet my almost-husband, it had all blown away and the sun had come out and it was a lovely spring day. It didn't rain one single drop and the party carried on till late under an umbrella of stars. The next day it rained.

The most memorable part of the day was the walk from the Farm house to the 'Chapel' under the trees. This walk involved everything that is dearest to my heart and everyone that I love the most.  A few weeks after Travis proposed, our awesome and incredibly-loved dog 'Bokkie' was knocked down by a car. She was supposed to grow old with us.  We buried her underneath some Cherry blossom trees on the farm, which I passed en-route from the farm house to the 'Chapel'.  My best friends and my sister were with me, smiling and joking and being awesome.  My dad and I walked hand in hand through the yellow fields and met my mum about half way.  Our favourite song 'Staralfur' from Sigur Ros was playing.  Even though the day had started miserable and grey, the sun was shining and it was a lovely spring day.  And then at the end of the walk, there was my almost-husband, waiting for me, looking all handsome and awesome.  Oh my, just writing about it makes me go all tender and soppy.

My wedding dress was made by my darling friend and super talented fashion designer Terese Meijering from Nooi. After getting engaged, my one grandmother gave me her original wedding dress (60 years old!) and my other grannie gave me some hand-made lace. Sentimental and nostalgic me wanted to create a new dress with that. Terese had the vision and the awesome talent. She made the most beautiful soft and simple dress using mainly the lacy fabric from the vintage dress, layering it with off-white coloured silk and rounded it all off with the hand-crocheted lace from my other grandmother. Et voila.

This wedding wouldn't have happened without all the love and patience and hard work that was poured out for us from our family and friends. Every single item at this wedding was made possible by our friends and family - from my grannies doilies to the hand-painted signs to my dress sewn by an amazing friend. Travis and I have had long chats about the few days before the wedding, and we think we only now understand how utterly and awesomely we are loved by our friends and family and ultimately that this is a representation and extension of HIM. Our wedding would not have been close to what it was without all the helping, blistered hands, the sweating brows, the big laughs and the frustrated sighs, the dirty feet and hay-bale-slaving, the tree-cimbing and heart-hanging, the sign-painting and the high fives, the bunting-flag-sewing and origami-bird-folding, the invite-designing and dress-making, the organising and sourcing, the cupcake decorating and paper-flag-folding, the teepee-tent-sewing, the never ending patience and finally and above all, the never-ending love.

Wedding Photographer: Otto Schulze Photographers / Wedding Flowers: Multiflora Flower Market / Catering: Prep'ed by Sasha / Wedding Cinematography: pixelated pixies / Wedding Venue: Frankenhof (Private Residence) / Officiant: Pierre of 3rd Place / Wedding Coordinator: Nadine van Aswegen / Wedding Gown: Terese Meijering from Nooi / Bridal Make-Up Lessons: Nadja Seale / Bridal Shoes: g-mo footwear / Bridal Accessories: Friend of the Bride, Skermunkil and Country Road / Groom's Wedding Band: Tinsel / Bride's Wedding Ring: Antique / Wedding Decor: In Good Company / Wedding Stationary: Gerhard of This Pencil /  Wedding Cupcakes: Friend of the Bride / Wooden Signage: Michael Linders