DIY Heirloom Cake Topper
February 18, 2011
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It has been awhile since we've featured a DIY project for all of you crafty brides and grooms-to-be (yes the grooms have been known to dabble in the craftiness too). Whipped up by the talented ladies of Posh Paperie with the help of Melody's cake making skills from My Sweet and Saucy and photography from our fave, Jackie Wonders, this is a super simple yet ever so clever Heirloom Cake Topper and we are big, big fans. Placed atop a homemade cake, this would be the perfect accompaniment to a vintage affair and what a great keepsake to hold onto long after that delicious cake is devoured. Plus, there is a bonus tutorial on how to create that pretty little ruffle cake for yourself. So without further ado, the DIY Heirloom Cake Topper...

Cake Topper

Supplies Needed:
vintage wedding photo
red tape
vintage music sheet paper
patterned stock for back of photo

Cake Topper 1

1. cut out wedding photo, creating a silhouette
2. adhere photo to patterned paper so that the pattern is facing out (showing on the back of photo) and cut out in the same silhouette
3. cut music sheets into two separate 2 1/2" strips
4. fold accordion style to make a half circle
5. adhere the half circle to the bottom of the photograph
6. repeat on the back side (1/2 side of pinwheel)

Cake Topper 2

7. frost sized cake of your choice (Melody used a swiss meringue buttercream frosting from Martha Stewart)
• fill piping bag with wilton104 piping tip and add frosting
• point narrow point of tip away from cake
• start at the bottom and move tip back and forth - approx. 1" in diameter to make "ribbon" look
• repeat over and over in rows
• For a video tutorial of the cake frosting on Melody's blog, click here

8. place cake topper on top of cake and voila!

Cake Topper 3

Thanks Ladies for sharing such an adorable DIY! Now ladies and gents all that is left to do is put your crafty hats on and get to baking. Enjoy!

Photography: Jackie Wonders / Design and Styling: Elizabeth Seaton and Karrie Pyke of Posh Paperie / Ruffle Cake: Melody Bradon of My Sweet and Saucy