Elegant California Wedding by Docuvitae
February 17, 2011
United States

You will want to sit down and get cozy for this beauty of a backyard wedding by Docuvitae. Held at the bride's family home, her mother transformed their backyard into an elegant oasis so absolutely stunning and personal my jaw is still on the ground. And let's discuss the gorgeous floral design by Holly Flora - it  just drips from each frame-worthy image. Such floral perfection. Most importantly, the love of these two families jumps off the screen and warms my sappy little heart. Happy Days indeed! For even more of this happiest of days, be sure to check out the full gallery.











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From Laura Kleinhenz, owner and founder of Docuvitae and Lead Photographer for Zoe and Robert...Even on their very first date, something clicked for Zoe Winkler and Robert Reinis and they cut to the chase: an intimate talk about how much they wanted to have a family of their own.  It wasn’t typical first date conversation, but that’s because Zoe and Robert immediately recognized each other as kindred spirits. They both grew up in large, warm, closeknit, supportive families and treasured the closeness so much that -- even as young adults -- they both continue to go home for family dinners every Sunday (although now they alternate). Since she was a little girl, Zoe had wanted a wedding that reflected her deep attachment to family, so when the time came to plan her own, she paid no attention to L.A.’s swanky hotels, restaurants and party spaces.  She knew immediately that she wanted to get married at her parent’s house.  The home she grew up in, the home where she dreamed about her wedding day.

And so the planning began. Zoe confesses that she handed over a lot of the wedding planning to her mother.  A force of nature with impeccable taste, Stacey was happy to oblige and, of course, wanted every detail to be PERFECT for Zoe.  Stacey is an expert in casual entertaining and loves bringing people together.  This is typically done in her living room, but alas, 275 guests would not fit into her living room alone!  Faced with this challenge, inspiration struck.  Stacey would simply transform her front and back yards into an extension of her living room and dining room.  And indeed she did.  The transition between spaces was absolutely seamless and executed to perfection. Spectacular chandeliers were strung, vintage candelabras from Stacey’s own collection lit every table, and bowls of fresh fruit and flowers placed with simply elegance.  Guests were even able to enjoy the Winkler’s favorite travel and art coffee table books during the cocktail hour and reception!

Zoe and Robert could not have been more thrilled with how the day played out.  They were beyond touched by how involved their families were.  Henry, proud father of the bride, even attended Zoe’s final dress fitting he was so excited!  Robert’s nieces performed an original song that they wrote together at the reception.  Rob’s eight year old nephew, who admittedly had a crush on Zoe, recited a list of ‘The Top 10 Reasons Why Zoe Should Marry Him’ instead of his Uncle Rob.  Zoe still talks about how it was the best and most perfect day of her life.  Robert says, “I have a really depressed bride on my hands, she’s SO sad it’s over!”

As a documentary photographer, my goal is always to make beautiful, authentic images.  Zoe and Robert’s at home wedding offered such incredible warmth and intimacy to photograph.  I love it when couples choose a place that has real meaning to them.  They were  relaxed and spontaneous in the surroundings they were so familiar with.  And the place itself – the architecture, the art and objects within quickly became an extension of Zoe and Robert and their families.  I’m so excited to share not only the beautiful photos of the couple and their wedding day designs, but also a thoughtful selection of documentary photos that capture the anticipation, joy and warmth that surrounded Zoe and Robert and tell the story of two loving families coming together to celebrate their commitment to one another.


Photography: Docuvitae / Flowers: Holly Flora / Event Design: Stacey Winkler, mother of the bride / Event Planning: Love, Luck and Angel / Ceremony Location: Winkler Residence / Shoes: Christian Louboutin