Paper Cranes Productions: A Proposal Story
January 25, 2011
By: eddye
Australia & South Pacific

Tack and Hoe tied the knot on 10.10.10. That day marked the 10 years of them knowing each other. Wow!

Paper Cranes Productions

And even though the Paper Cranes team couldn't be there to capture their wedding, they were able to share Tack and Hoe's love story as it unfolded in this short and OH-SO-SWEET film! If you don't get a chill or a smile out of this, you are one seriously tough cookie!

Tack & Hoe Prewedding Film "Melbourne with Love" from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

Our sincere thanks to Tack and Hoe for sharing their beautiful love story. And to the Paper Cranes Production team for putting it all together!

For more of these sentimental and heartfelt wedding stories, be sure to take a look at Paper Cranes website and BLOG! They travel worldwide to make it possible for you to unfold YOUR amazing stories!