Outer Banks Wedding at 318 Griggs Acres
January 19, 2011

I am so happy to be sharing this Outer Banks wedding because it made me, well...so happy. The celebration was just as colorful and charismatic as the couple, and as much as it was fabulously styled - it also seemed like an absolute blast to attend! To make it even more adorable, the ceremony and reception were both hosted at the couple's Outer Banks home (that also serves as an event space, 318 Griggs Acres). I'm starting to wonder if they would like an extra house guest! But perhaps instead of inviting myself over, I'll just gawk over all the lovely images by Lauren Cowart Photography in the gallery.







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My fiance and I have been together since 2003. In March of 2010 we set off on a 6 week adventure to Costa Rica. Our plan was to get married on the beach during our trip, just the two of us. We told our friends and family that we were getting married in Costa Rica and that we would have a small reception when we returned. While in Costa Rica we had silver wedding bands custom made by a local jewelry artist in Montezuma for $50.00 each. I had packed a simple linen sun dress. We me with an attorney to get our marriage license and set a date for the wedding at a local hotel. He informed us that in Costa Rica we had to have 2 witnesses and asked us when our family and friends would be arriving. Andy and I looked at each other and said that no it was just us. No family is coming? the attorney asked.... Um no. just us..romantic right? He looked kind of sorry for us for a minute and then said. No problem we can round up a maid and maybe a bus boy and they would stand in for our witnesses. We left feeling deflated. Andy looked at me and said.Honey is this what you want to do? Are you sure you don't want your mom and best friend to be there? I realized that I did want those things and we decided to change our plans and have a small wedding when we got back to the states.

Upon returning home everyone, especially my mom, was so happy that we were now having a wedding and the planning took shape. Andy and wanted to be married right away so we set the date as July 25 2010, only 3 months away. We decided to have the ceremony on the dock at a home that we own and rent as a vacation and event home. Our family swirled around us and the details came together. I have worked as a wedding planner in the past and went to art school so I new I wanted a really colorful and unique wedding. i gathered inspiration pics and made a list of props and decor items I had in storage. I am on the board of directors for the Dare County Arts Council and my job for years has been event staging and decor for many of our fundraising events so I had crates of great stuff already. our family and friends are an artistic and creative group. They came to town in droves days before the wedding and spent hours constructing and assembing decor and props ( in 100 degree heat ) for the photo area of my dreams. We had vintage quilts instead of chairs for the ceremony. And hauled furniture from inside to the yard. My Aunt reccomended a local Florist Dorothy Morris of Bells and Whistles to help with the design. Dorothy comes from a family of flower growers and has a field less than 2 miles from our venue where she grows local flowers for her clients. I showed Dorothy my ideas and she came up with the some of the most amazing elements for the decor. Her artist husband actually custom made a dance floor from a patterned piece of paper on my inspiration board. A local second hand store and consignment shop rented many chairs and decor items to us for the day. My uncle Joe is a saxaphone player who played with Reba Macintire for years. He played  during the ceremony and brought speakers for our ipod for the reception. My cousin Meredith owns Red Organics Salon in Richmond and she came early do do my hair. One of my bridesmaids drove from Charleston with her car packed with vintage costume items for the photo area and a trunk full of colorful jewelry and hair accesories for the bridesmaids who wore black. The cake was a gift from the owners of a local  bakery where I once worked as a pastry chef.  It was the most amazing day and when I saw the pictures I knew I had to submit them to style me pretty. The one place where I spent hours dreaming over all the lovely and creative wedding ideas.


Photography: Lauren Cowart Photography / Flowers: Bells and Whistles / Event Design: Bride and Bells and Whistles / Event Planning: Millie Ward (Brides Aunt) / Ceremony Location: 318 Griggs Acres (event home owned by Bride and Groom) / Reception Location: 318 Griggs Acres / Invitations: Bride printed on computer / Dress: Davids Bridal