Honeymoon Registries by Traveler's Joy
January 17, 2011

We wanted to take a few minutes out from our day of wedding bliss to talk about bliss of another kind...that would be Honeymoons! Our friends at Traveler's Joy happen to be experts in this field. They are the best of the best when it comes to online honeymoon registries and we happen to think their motto says it all... "skip the blender. Create lifelong memories with your honeymoon registry." Because, lets face it, long after all of the housewares and gifts have gone, the memories from your dream honeymoon will remain. Their online tools allow you to easily set up an account and start planning the trip of a lifetime and your friends and family can be part of the action by giving you the ultimate wedding gift – a contribution to all the fabulous experiences you will have on your honeymoon. It is a total win-win!

Traveler's Joy

Traveler's Joy has absolutely perfected the registering process, which will have your honeymoon wish list up and running in just minutes. And did we mention that it is super duper easy to set up? The new Instant Registry feature allows couples to choose from pre-made themes (think beach, cruise, mountains) when setting up their gift inventory or more specific location registries like Italy and St. Lucia. With one click you can instantly add items and experiences to your registry specific to your theme or destination or even add personal customized items of your own. With over 40 of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, Traveler's Joy has made it so very easy to quickly build the foundation of your honeymoon registry.

And lets not forget about all of the great little gifts you might need on your trip. Traveler's Joy has started to see an increase in couples registering for honeymoon related items such as travel guidebooks, cameras, luggage, even newlywed flip flops. So smart! Plus, the Traveler's Joy registry system makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items (like that fabulous new camera you've been eying) into manageable gift pieces so a camera that may cost $500 is actually spit up into four smaller gifts of $125. They really have thought of everything, which leaves you more time for other things, like planning that big wedding coming up!

From airfare, to a snorkeling excursion and all of the sunscreen in between, Traveler's Joy will have you registered for complete honeymoon bliss with just a few easy steps.