Connecticut Wedding by Robert & Kathleen Photographers
January 10, 2011
New England

We just love this next wedding by Robert & Kathleen Photographers. LOVE. For one, it's absolutely breathtaking - perfectly styled by the lovely Candice of Jubilee Events. Oh but the talent doesn't stop there, no no, the expertise behind this gorgeous 4th of July affair is chock full of some of our favorite vendors - flowers by Blush Floral Design, attire by the fabulous White Dress by the Shore and scrumptious bites by Jordan Caterers - this wedding was destine for perfection from the beginning. Add an absolutely adorable couple - and ladies and gentlemen - you get a gallery of perfect images.










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From the ever so talented Robert & Kathleen...Sometimes you see a couple that were so clearly meant to find one another it makes it clear that fate really must exist. There really is no other way to explain just how remarkable it is that Saryn and Dave found each other despite quite literally living across the country from one another. It's remarkable not just because of the distance, but because there is no way that either of them could have found anyone so clearly perfect for them even among the millions of people living in their respective cities of New York (Saryn) and LA (Dave). Because in one another they have found someone that truly understands the importance of making the perfect playlist filled with obscure 80's hits, who will gladly spend the afternoon watching classic comedies from the '80's and '90's and promptly quote them for weeks, and who isn't afraid to make a fool of themselves if it'll make the other one laugh. Even more, in one another they have found what they didn't think existed before. In Dave, Saryn found a man who still holds the door for her, sends her flowers "just because" and makes her smile every single day. In Saryn, Dave has found a woman who is not only gorgeous and intelligent, but can keep him completely captivated in conversation and make him laugh easier than anyone he's ever known.

Together, they have a connection that is visible. When they're together it's almost as if they are communicating in a language all their own. When they are laughing and joking together, you can't help but smile even if you have no idea what they're laughing about. When they are holding hands or looking at one another, their connection is so intimate you almost feel like you're intruding simply by standing nearby. It goes without saying that on their wedding day they were connected in an even deeper way. And you could tell that everyone in attendance could feel it too. Because for that day they were getting a glimpse into the incredible bond between Saryn and Dave. As they read their vows to one another, there was complete silence from the guests, moved by the opportunity to see what true love really looks like. It wasn't the only time they would see it that day, of course. You could see it any time they were side-by-side, the way Dave held on to the small in Saryn's back or how she reached for his hand. Even when they were in separate parts of the room during the reception, they would share a look or a smile here and there. And all night you could feel the energy in the room. Everyone so happy that they couldn't help but let go and dance the night away. Celebrating not only for Saryn and Dave, but also at acknowledgment that they had seen something truly amazing that day: proof that fate and true love really do exist. And if that's not a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is.


Photography: Robert & Kathleen Photographers / Venue: Guilford Yacht Club in Guilford, CT / Event Design: Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events / Caterer: LBB members Jordan Caterers / Bridal Gown: Melissa Sweet / Bridal Shop: White Dress by the Shore in Clinton, CT / Bridesmaid Gowns: Jenny Yoo / Shoes: Nina / Flowers: Blush Floral Design / Hair & Make-Up: Dana Bartone & Company