Oklahoma Wedding by Aaron Snow Photography
January 7, 2011

Pinkies up everyone! Because this fairy tale-esque wedding, by the ever so talented Aaron of Aaron Snow Photography, will have you ready to start serving the crust-less cucumber sandwiches and cheers with your grandmother's old tea set. Styled to perfection with gorgeous images to prove it, this wedding is every little girl's dream. It just might be every big girl's dream too. So break out your breakfast blend or earl grey this Friday morning and join the entire tea party in the gallery.










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September 27th is a pretty significant day for Stephen and I. It was the first day we said “I Love You” to each other. Then exactly a year later, Stephen proposed in his parents' backyard under a purgola his father built, surrounded by candles and lanterns that Stephen made from his grandmother's old jam jars. We decided to get married one year later on the famous September 27th (even though it was a Monday!). In fact, we got married one year later in the exact spot where Stephen proposed. We planned the entire wedding during our senior year of college and I would not recommend that to anyone. But somehow everything just seemed to work out.

It was during winter break that Stephen suggested a Tea Party theme for our backyard wedding. We were snowed in and my fiance had no where to hide from the wedding planning! The trees in the backyard were covered in ice and we all watched and waited for the branches to start breaking but luckily there was little damage. In the spring, Stephen's parents had the backyard landscaped and worked all summer, through the Oklahoma heat to keep everything green. We knew the backyard would not be able to fit a large crowd so we worked on inviting just family and close friends.

I spent months collecting all shapes, shades and sizes of tea cups and old hankies. And Mason jars. And tea pots. And old sugar bowls and cream dishes! I went to flea markets, antique stores and spent countless hours on Etsy searching for the perfect details at the perfect price. It was all so much fun. Every time I got a new hankie or tea cup, I would play around mixing and matching. The night before the wedding we had the tea cups all over the kitchen and we were putting the clean hankies in the cups and even Stephen's young cousins wanted to help. His cousin Grant is 8 years old and he asked, “Are those napkins? Those are some good lookin' napkins!” It was so funny. And our family was such an enormous help the days before the wedding and the day of. They were all in the wedding zone and they just got everything done.

My favorite part of the wedding was probably the vows. I was so stressed about writing our own vows and not working on them together. Were mine going to be too comical and his overly sappy? Or were his going to be really quick and mine as long as a novel. But they were perfect! They turned out to be so funny and so sweet and so personal. The wedding was a wonderful experience but it was also so quick. I made sure to really soak it all in before it was all over. We left to go out to the mountains right after the reception to have our photo shoot with Aaron. It was really important to us to get some great pictures and the weather was perfect. I could not have asked for a more perfect day!


Photography: Aaron Snow Photography / Dress: Casablanca Couture from Bella Rose Bridal / Suit: J Crew / Floral Designs: Scott's House of Flowers / Cake: Amy Cakes / Make up: Joyce Miranda Aesthetics /Hair: Joanna Joiner of Fringe / Rentals: OKC Party Tent and Event