Cozy Winter Wedding by Hillary Maybery + Taylor'd Events
December 30, 2010

There is something about this lovely Sun Valley wedding that embraces the winter in such a beautiful way. It could be the snow boot and jacket clad bride that has our hearts pitter-pattering with delight or maybe it's the candle filled reception that screams total romance. Whatever the case, Hillary Maybery photographed it to perfection and Taylor'd Events crafted one heck of a cozy winter wonderland and we think it deserves a standing ovation. Bravo Winter Wedding. You are completely delightful from beginning to end. See the rest of the day here.

Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding 1

Winter Wedding 2

Winter Wedding 3

Winter Wedding 4

Winter Wedding 5

see the rest of this cozy wedding here!

We did not have a wedding party.  We live in Sun Valley, Idaho which is 2 1/2 hours from the closest airport, and our siblings and friends live all over the country. Everyone coming for our wedding had to travel a long ways to get there. We ultimately decided that it would be less stressful for us and more enjoyable for our friends if they could just sit back and enjoy the weekend- go skiing, snowshoeing, etc. w/o worrying about where they need to be or what time. We had a very formal Catholic ceremony including a full mass. We needed to have witnesses stand next to us as we said our vows and we chose our parents. It was incredibly meaningful to have each set of parents,the people who made us who we are, standing next to us as we said our vows.

For the décor I turned to Taylor'd Events and That's Entertainment (linens, extra champagne flutes). In addition, I went online to CB2 and Z Gallerie and purchased some of their candlesticks, vases, decorative bowls, etc. and that way Anthony and I could keep some of the decor for our condo when the wedding was over and give some to our parents and siblings. I was able to search and find the exact look I was going for, and we were able to keep everything at the end. Our wedding planner provided additional vases, candles and hundreds of votives.  Anthony and I knew from the start that we wanted to cut out a lot of the things that just weren't as important to us or that would keep our stress levels down. We also knew we wanted it to be a huge party for our friends and family. Because of the formal nature of the wedding mass, we wanted the reception to be more like a cocktail party than a wedding reception. The result was perfect. We got rid of the cutting of the cake and throwing of the bouquet. My dad and older sister gave very short, but wonderful, speeches. Anthony and I danced (Bob Marley) and my dad and I danced (Louis Armstrong) but we only did 2 minutes of each song.  By doing it that way, we didn't have any breaks in the continuity of the evening. Then, everybody danced for hours!

Photography: Hillary Maybery /2nd photographer: Kristin Cheatwood / Flowers: Taylor Sturges of Taylor'd Events / Fur Jacket: Milly / Cake baker: Christina's Restaurant and Bakery / Event Planning: Taylor'd Events / Ceremony Location: Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church / Reception Location: Elkhorn Lodge, Sun Valley, Idaho / Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss Black Label / Shoes: Richard Shah / Wedding favors: In lieu of wedding favors, we sent out welcome packets three weeks before the wedding to all of our guests that had maps, guides, handwarmers, schedule of events, etc. / Wedding bands: Robert C. Wesley Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona / Invitations: Izzy Girl out of Seattle, Washington / Honeymoon location: Cook Islands and Auckland, New Zealand