Kate Spade Holiday Shoot by Styled Creative + Alison Conklin
December 23, 2010
Mid Atlantic

I often find myself with my nose pressed against the glass of the Kate Spade window displays in the mall.  They are like a mini glittery, perfectly packaged party.  The darling duo of Styled Creative brought that to life and put together the most delicious, sparkling Kate Spade-inspired shoot I have ever seen!  Naturally I had my nose pressed up against the screen, drooling over my keyboard, as I went through all the yummy images from Alison Conklin.  It might be too late to decorate for your holiday party this weekend but how rad would it be to ring in the new year with shimmering swans, polka dotted sweets and a tutu-ed pup!  There are more glistening goodies in the full gallery!

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot I

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot II

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot VII

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot VI

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot V

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot IV

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot III

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We are GAGA for glitter and everything that sparkles!!!  This was definitely our motto when creating all of the details for the holiday inspired shoot.  We always try to find objects that would not typically be glamorous and find a way to showcase them in a way that others to see them shine. We had so much fun finding animal figurines at the Dollar Store and adding a little silver paint, glue, and glitter and voila a fun centerpiece!  The bike was another great find.  This vintage bike was in the trash outside of our studio and once the shoot planning was underway we knew this item was ready for a sparkle makeover.  We kept things simple by using kraft boxes on the table and incorporating beautiful wrapping paper with colorful tinsel and candles.  We wanted to show how to create something fun and whimsical without spending a fortune.  The drawings really brought the concept to life.  We asked our great friend, talented illustrator and model, Dallas Shaw, to sketch the tree and mantel which we thought would be a fun way to introduce the items without being so literal.  Thank you to all of the amazing folks involved with this shoot..the glitter has slowly shed from the figurines and bike and is now floating around our office but hopefully some of that glitter inspiration rubbed off on you along the way!

Working with such an amazing group of people for this shoot was incredible.  Beka & Kimberly had done such an outstanding job on all the little details and crafting and Trust is such a perfect venue.  Between the glittered bike and all of the cute glittered animals to the amazing drawings that Dallas drew everything just simply came together perfectly.  Spending the afternoon with all of the talented ladies for the shoot was a blast - I think we laughed and ooggled the amazing cupcakes more than anything.

Photography: Alison Conklin / Styling: Styled Creative / Cakes and Cupcakes: Brown Betty Desserts / Paper Materials: Two Paperdolls / Makeup: Béke Beau / Hair: Amanda D'Andrea / Venue: The Trust Venue / Illustrations and Model: Dallas Shaw / Dog: Mrs. Beans / Coordination: Red Balloon Public Relations / Makeup: Béke Beau