Bay Point Inn Lakeside Wedding From Epic Motion
December 7, 2010
By: eddye
Gun Lake, Michigan. July 24, 2010 ~ Amanda and Ben, a team of oh-so-talented photographers and cinematographers and a group of very surprised wedding guests! From Ryan Koral at Epic Motion and K. Holly Photography ...  a totally rip-roaring good time!

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From Ryan Koral at Epic Motion ...
Loved filming this wedding. Amanda had the best attitude of any bride. Super laid back and was constantly wanting to make sure everyone was having fun. So much so, that since it was taking people a little extra long to get the party going on the dance floor, Amanda and Ben decided to do a little wake-boarding on Gun Lake before the party really got going. Yes. This happened after dinner! ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. You gotta see it to believe it ...

Amanda + Ben's Wedding Trailer {wakeboarding included} from Epic Motion on Vimeo.

Ben and I knew from day one we wanted to be married on a lake. We met on a water ski team years ago and have enjoyed many memories on the water together. After Ben proposed on a warm summer night we both started thinking about where would be the perfect place to be married. We heard of Bay Pointe and made an appointment to visit the venue. We checked it out, and feel in love immediately. After many days of browsing through wedding blogs, inspiration magazines and putting my own love for fashion and style into the mix I came up with a design and inspiration for our wedding. I loved every aspect of planning the wedding. Incorporating both our styles and seeing things happen was inspiring. We wanted the wedding to feel warm and relaxed.

The wedding party and the crew all stayed at Bay Pointe Inn the night of the rehearsal dinner. On the morning of the wedding, the guys all went out wakeboarding well the girls got ready. From the start to the end of the day we all had tons of fun together, we laughed, we cried, and we smiled. After the wedding ceremony the wedding party took off on the boat for a while to let the guests find their places in the pavilion where the reception we held. We made our grand entrance, had dinner and listened to some amazing toasts. After diner, Ben and I had our first dance, mingled around and realized it is way to nice out to start dancing. We had no intension to wakeboard in our wedding dress and suit but we thought well why not. Ben found me over in a crowd talking and said hey get your wakeboard. I was like umm what? He said to me, “Oh come on you can do it you won’t even get wet”. My response being, ok but we better not fall. We decided right then and there that in order to get this crowd moving we better put on a show. We quickly let the DJ, photographer and videographer know what was going on and said here we go. We strapped in, we said a quick prayer that we wouldn’t fall and away we went. Sure enough, Ben flipped right over me in my wedding dress and him in his suit. It was amazing! All our family and friends cheered, screamed and smiled. That moment was big. Not only was it amazing, it truly defined are style, inspiration and love for the water and each other. Not only was the wedding everything we hoped for it was just how we wanted to start the rest of our lives together!

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