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31 films ~ Wedding Showtime From Houston!
November 15, 2010
By: eddye

Today's beautiful bride, Lindsey, has two invaluable pieces of advice that you will read below. Number one~ spring for a stellar photographer and videographer. Their contribution to the day IS invaluable. And second ~ at the very least, hire a day of- or month of- coordinator. You will count your lucky stars that you did!

31 Films 1

Lindsey and Cade, along with his daughter Annaliese, became a family in Houston last March. They will forever be grateful to the talents and expertise of the 31 Films team for capturing their moments of utter joy! Watch just a bit ~ their highlight film ...

Lindsey & Cade - The Highlight from 31Films on Vimeo.

From the Bride, Lindsey...

Everyone’s moment of “yes, this is the one... This is the person I am going to marry and spend my life with,” is well, varietal. Some know immediately, some know with time. Some don’t really know for sure until they are asked! What I knew for sure was that in the 9 months of dating Cade, he and the relationship in general were different. It was honest, loving, and felt grown-up. I, being only 5’ tall and continually mistaken for a 16-year-old at the age of 26, feeling grown-up sometimes seems silly. Thus when I met Cade, and began this adult relationship, I proceeded with caution. Perhaps I was waiting for things to fall apart or the games to start; but instead only love and respect grew. I feel a lot if it had to do with Cade’s 2-year-old daughter Annaliese. Children give you no other option but to be an adult really. My relationship with Cade began to run parallel with the relationship I was developing with Annie. I remember thinking that I loved Cade, very much, but I didn’t start to get nervous until it hit me that I loved Annie too. So when Cade asked me to be his wife I knew it was what I wanted more than anything and that it wasn’t necessarily about knowing that HE was the one, but that THEY were.

In preparation for the wedding day, the minister who married us asked that we write her a letter as to why we wanted to marry the other person with the intent that she would take an excerpt from each of our letters to share during the ceremony to make it special and more personal. I wanted to include a snippet that she included in our ceremony from my letter as to why I wanted to marry Cade.

“With Cade it is as if I have finally met someone that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with, though not literally, and look at the same things: goals, beliefs, life, similarly. My mother says Cade is the calm in the hurricane that can be me. Cade is an honorable, hard working, wonderful man. I always felt as though my father set the standard for me as to what a good man was, and Cade was the first to meet that standard. Cade is one of the kindest human beings I know, he loves his daughter and you can see it when he looks at her. I came around when Annie was 2 yrs old, and feel lucky to have come in to her life at the point where she would start to collect memories, and that I would be a part of some of her earliest ones. I knew I was in trouble not when I fell for Cade, but when I fell for Annie. I love them both so much. In short, I can see Cade and I grow old together. I see us laughing together, supporting each other, making plans together, gaining and losing together, and experiencing the span of human emotions, the good and bad; but together always… arm in arm and hand in hand.”

So it was that Cade and I were married March 20, 2010 on an unseasonably chilly day in Houston, TX. It was to date the best day of my life. To be surrounded by close family and friends as you commit yourself and your life to another that you love above all else, and they you, is an honor to experience and cherish. That said, I am indebted to 31films (cinematographers) and Clint Shuttlesworth (photographer), for because of them Cade and I may experience our wedding day again and again at our leisure.


Now for some other fun stuff!!! I wanted to go through some of my favorite moments from the highlight film and why…

1) The guys getting ready - I love this because, aside from having not been there, it is so much fun to see the boys get dressed! The little things like seeing that one of the groomsmen (Michael) was wearing stripped socks, or seeing the Best Man (Mike who flew in from China) with Cade, and how another groomsman (Whitney) brought wine… likely leading to my dear husband forgetting the rings and making a mad dash before the wedding. Ha! Boys…

2) Little flower girl, Annaliese - My flower girl was my now 5-year-old step-daughter Annaliese. She had so much fun getting ready with the girls, and was so excited the whole day that she could barely stop hopping, skipping, and running in circles. I was so proud of her!!! She did beautifully!!! I really love the shot after we recessed from the ceremony and you see her join Cade and I as we walk out… that’s my family, and I love them so.

3) The Wedding Chapel - Cade and I decided to see each other before the ceremony. After such a long engagement (18 months) “we made it.” I remember being so nervous and concerned that everyone was okay, and had everything they needed; but once I saw Cade I didn’t see anything else. Also, my parents renewed their wedding vows in that chapel 5 years ago, which was performed by the same Minister that married Cade and me. Love that!

4) The Cake!!!! - Cade is a chef and he made our cake. Yes, I know, seemed like a stress death-wish, but he did it and it was delicious!!! After having my first bite I couldn’t help squealing, “it’s SO good!!!”

5) Bride & Groom - I adore the shots of Cade and me together. Dancing, laughing, being silly squashing ourselves against windows… and getting in trouble for it. It so perfectly sums us up as a couple. We are silly and sentimental, love to dance, love Annaliese, love each other, and are best friends. I love how you are able to see that about us in the video.


-Shell out for a stellar photographer and videographer. What they produce lasts a lifetime.

-Add personal touches to your wedding!!! I work with the youth choir at the church and had them sing for the ceremony. It meant so much to us and to them.

-If your budget allows, have wedding favors that relate to you as a couple. Cade is a chef, so we decided to have little peat pots with savory herb seeds in them for people to grow at home.

-Don’t be afraid to be demanding about certain things. I knew exactly what I wanted and expected of the DJ i.e.: under no circumstances will the chicken dance be played!!!

-A day-of or week-of coordinator is a must for your sanity. I didn’t do this, but really really really wish I had.

-Have fun, and remember that the day is about you and the one you love above all else.

Cinematography: 31FILMS / Photography: Clint Shuttlesworth / Dress: Elizabeth Fillmore / Boutique: Casa de Novia / Flowers: Sketch by Albert / Church: St. Luke’s United Methodist / Reception: Artista Restaurant / Entertainment: DJs of Houston / Cake: Groom - Cade Conlon / Planner: Bride