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November 12, 2010
By: eddye

When you are a wedding planner and planning your own wedding, plus being surrounded by an incredible team of talent ~  you are sure to have a fantastic wedding party! Such was the case for Francie Dorman at Tangorra Wedding Planning ...

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From Francie ...

As a planner, I go to a LOT of weddings. In some ways this made planning my own wedding a little bit harder (so many choices! so many wonderful vendors! so MANY color combos), but in some ways it was just really, really fun. I felt so lucky on wedding day to have not only my family and friends around us, but also to have lots of my work friends there too, busily buzzing around behind the scenes making sure everything was running perfectly.

We had the most amazing weather. Choosing April 30th for a wedding in New England was always a little nerve wracking. I kept telling myself and anyone who would listen that it would probably snow. It didn't! It was a perfectly beautiful 75 degree day - just right for our outdoor ceremony, and a couple cocktails and rounds of croquet on the back lawn of The Crane Estate.

Being a bride gave me a whole new appreciation for weddings. It really is a day that really can't be described - so fun, so emotional... a little exhausting... but in the end, it should just be a really warm, exciting day for you, your fiance and your family. The biggest thing I found out was that I really haven't been making it up all these years when I've been telling my brides that the most important thing you can do is hire vendors that you love! If you love your vendors for their work, and really, truly like them as people, it makes the whole process, and the day of your wedding just that much more fabulous.

From beginning to end, the day was just so much better than I ever imagined it - Joanne and Lena, our super makeup and hair artists were such a calm in the storm of Getting Ready; our florist, Lyndsey Loring executed my vision of fluffy flowers and fluttery feathers to perfection; the seriously talented team at Vinwood Catering created a perfect party menu for us (mini hamburgers, lobster rolls, fried clams, make your own mashed potato bar....), and we created little chalkboard menus to guide guests through the choices. Kahootz Band rocked it all night, and our Photographer, Will Tangorra and Cinematographers from Boston Wedding Films were right there with us through out the day capturing everything perfectly... and of course my Tangorra Wedding Planning girls were there to make sure that I never found out about anything I didn't plan for!

Since I do go to weddings on most weekends, we knew from the beginning that we wouldn't plan a traditional wedding (I would feel like I was at work!), so we went ahead and planned a party! We decided to see each other before the ceremony, so we wouldn't miss a minute of the post ceremony part of the day, and I'm so glad we did. It was really the only time that we spent alone together all day!

I couldn't have asked for anything more amazing from every single one of my vendors, or for a more perfect wedding day to spend with my husband, and our friends and family. xo Francie M. Dorman (Bride! and Senior Associate Planner, Tangorra Wedding Planning)

Please share a little more of the party from the terrific filmmakers at Boston Wedding Films ...

Francie + Greg: A Boston Wedding Films Highlight Film from Boston Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Planner: Tangorra Wedding Planning / Photographer: William Tangorra / Cinematographer: Boston Wedding Films / Caterer: Vinwood Catering / Florist: Lyndsey Loring Design / Cake: Jenny's Wedding Cakes / Entertainment: Kahootz Band / Venue: The Crane Estate on Castle Hill / Hair: Hair That Moves / Makeup: Joya beauty / Transportation: MBT / Invites: Twin Ravens Press/ Earrings: J Crew / Shoes: L.A.M.B. / Dress (Bride & Bridesmaids): Melissa Sweet