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Kansas City Wedding From Creative Video
November 11, 2010
By: eddye

We hope that all of you are enjoying these wedding stories as much as we are! To take just a few minutes out of the day to smile for ~ and with these ladies and gentlemen who have completed the hectic months of planning their wedding days. Sharing these moments with them is simply a delight!


From Maura at Creative Video in Kansas City ...

This couple’s story was maybe the most romantic one I have ever heard! They met in such a unique way and incorporated that into their wedding day so beautifully. Every detail in this wedding was so completely personal, from the pint glass favors, Danny’s baby blue VW bug, Katie’s family priest passing them Danny’s Kiddush cup and celebrating the breaking of the glass, the many toasts in prose, and one last note passed to Katie from the Southwest Airline stewardess that helped start it all. It was a perfect day.

Katie & Danny - Creative Video Wedding Film from creative video on Vimeo.

from the beautiful bride, Katie ...

The story of how Danny and I met seemed to be a bit too perfect. Who meets on an airplane, especially on the way home from Vegas, through notes and poems passed via a flight attendant? I honestly thought it would be a fun few months of country concerts and we would move on. Before we knew it we were together two years going to Key West to celebrate. Little did I know Danny had flown down the same Southwest Air flight attendant who helped us meet to Florida. There she handed me what I thought was the last poem on the rocks of Key West. This note included his proposal to marry me! My dream had come true and I was completely surprised!!

I had never dreamt about my wedding, and actually thought I would go away somewhere exotic, but with Danny being the youngest of 14 kids and his parents being older, that wasn’t an option for us. We made a list of what we each of us thought was most important for this day, and we both agreed that family was most important. Danny’s list also included things like chocolate cake, and Southwest peanuts. He also thought it would be fun to drive away in his baby blue VW bug convertible and have bugs follow us to reception (his brothers own VW’s in various colors!). I wanted memories that would last a lifetime, like having our family friend priest who attends Thanksgiving at our house every year marry us. I wanted a unique venue, a fun party, intimate ceremony, awesome pictures, country music, the color purple, and a beautiful dress.

We focused our efforts (and money) on our photography and cinematography, as we knew this is what we would take from the day and cherish these forever. This was the best decision we made!! We incorporated little things that meant something to us, like M&M’s, which is Danny’s favorite candy and we had a VW bug chocolate cake. Danny contacted Southwest Airlines who sent us napkins, peanuts and wings (at no cost)! We also invited our flight attendant and we were thrilled when she said she was able to make it!

Video: Creative Video, Maura Coleman-Murray / Photographer: Epaga, Jessica Roark / Flowers: The Budding Entrepreneur / Reception Venue: Boulevard Brewing Company / Cake: Icing on the Cake,  VW Bug & beer cake: Bridal Kitchen