Modern Wedding by Pinkpolka Wedding Design + James Design Studio
November 10, 2010
North America

This next little number is proof that inspiration can come from just about anywhere. And in this bride and groom's case, it was all about The Parker Palm Springs. And the incredible black and yellow palette with modern, whimsical detailing. Yep, this style savvy couple interpreted the gorgeousness of The Parker with their Canadian venue and the result was a jawdroppingly gorgeous, completely graphic inspired affair. Photographed to perfection by James Design Studios, you are going to LOVE this next wedding. Just make sure to click here because there is SO much more.

canada wedding

canadian wedding

canadian wedding

modern wedding

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Truth be told, we originally planned to get married in Palm Springs at The Parker Palms springs. I was sold on The Parker the moment I found out my favorite designer, Jonathan Adler, had designed the entire hotel and Terence was an easy sell once he saw how excited I was. Plans ended up changed and we decided to hold an intimate gathering in our hometown so our closest family and friends could attend. Since we weren't going to be getting married in Palm Springs, I decided I would use the rich architecture and interior design from the area as my wedding design inspiration. Wanting to create an event that was modern and chic I decided to use black, white and yellow as my color palette with lots of bold graphic patterns.

When we first started the planning Terence and I had very different priorities. Being a graphic designer and the owner of a wedding stationery business (Pinkpolka Wedding Design), I was quite focused on the visual aspect of the wedding, while Terence put a large emphasis on the guest list and atmosphere. Although we had a few difference of opinions throughout the process, I have to admit that the different facets of the wedding we each were responsible for created a perfect balance in the end. I made sure the venue was decked out in the most fabulous decor and stationery, while he made sure the bar was stacked and the music created a fun environment.

One thing we did agree on was the importance of attire! I had a very specific idea of the type of dress I wanted and knew I would never be able to find anything in a Bridal store. I sought out a local dress designer, Lani from R O O Y Couture, to design and construct my gown. All I knew was I wanted a black and white satin cocktail length gown that had some form of bustle in the back. Having the dress made was the most exciting part of the planning process for me. It was incredible to see your vision being constructed. I think Terence was equally excited about attire, as he was looking forward to purchasing his first 3-piece suit. It took some time to find a suit that was just right, but we got lucky at Hugo Boss and found exactly what both he and I pictured! I wanted to make sure his ensemble looked classic so we choose a white collared shirt with a solid black satin time to compliment black suit with a subtle black pin stripe.

We wanted to find a venue that was unique and unexpected for our guests. I had always pictured a loft or art gallery as the perfect setting for a wedding that would make our guest's feel like they were heading out for a chic night-on-the-town. I also loved the idea that both these types of venues could act as a blank slate with architectural aspects such as white or brick walls, concrete, and wood. We found the perfect independent gallery called Latitude 53 which is housed in a historic creamery building, complete with all the original brick!

I think one of the biggest things that was important to Terence and I was to have a meaningful wedding that reflected us. We are both very non-traditional and wanted to have a wedding that felt more like a celebration or party without some of the traditional wedding conventions that didn't appeal to us. We collectively decided to eliminate items such as a wedding cake, first dance, and garter & bouquet toss. We each only had one attendant, which meant a lot to have our single most important friend next to us. We also wanted to condense the day so it wasn't such a imposition on our guests. The ceremony was held at the art gallery at 6:30 in the evening and was immediately followed by cocktails and h'dorves and then by a dinner reception. Wanting to be nontraditional, we created a custom menu with our cater and decided to eliminate courses by having a single "wow" plate, which included our appetizer, salad and entrée all on the same crisp white square plate. We also wanted our guest to know how important it was to have them join us, so we inserted a personalized note from each of us in the note card favors I designed.

The day turned out exactly how I expected, which was a pleasant surprise! There was no regrets or mistakes or complaints and the visualizations in my mind of the decor and layout matched the end result exactly! My wonderful wedding planner, Jolyn of Nuance Occasions, knew how important the decor was to me and I could tell she put extra care in the set-up. Both Terence and I were overwhelmed with our guests response to the wedding. We got compliments on the wedding day for the uniqueness in format, location and decor and emails after the day thanking us for allowing them to be part of such an intimate gathering! This was a day we will both cherish together for years to come!


Photography: James Design Studios / Wedding Planning: Nuance Occasions / Decor & Stationery: Pinkpolka Wedding Design / Brides & MOH Dress: R O O Y Couture / Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss / Decor Rentals: Elegant Touches & River City Event Rentals / Catering: D'Lish / Desert: Whimsical Cake Studio / Floral: Corals Design / Venue: Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture