Isari Flower Studio ~ DIY Inspired Backyard Wedding
October 20, 2010
By: eddye
United States

On the Little Black Book Blog we usually share weddings that our LBB members have sent to us from this year. However, today's wedding ~ Kara and Brandon's ~ sent to us by Lindsey at Isari Flowers, took place in Spring '08. It's just so darned sweet, we had to let you see it!

We have a terrific write-up from the beautiful bride, but first ~ The FIRST LOOK session {as I said yesterday, I'm all about First Look Sequences} ...

First Look Isari Flower Studio

Kara & Brandon's Wedding Story

Brandon and I love reliving the details of our wedding. It was a day we didn't want to end and never want to forget. That's why we keep talking about it—so it will always be there, fresh, beautiful, romantic and perfect in our memory.

Isari Flower Studio

We'll never forget the big parts of our wedding—the gorgeous spring day in Brandon's parents' backyard (which is less of a "backyard" than a park with rolling green grass, big oak trees and a small lake); saying our personalized vows; being with our closest family and friends; or the peaceful, happy feeling that came that morning and stayed the entire day. So it's the little things we rehash over and over--like how great it was to have a 1900s Steinway grand piano outside on the patio and how brilliant it was of Brandon's dad to surprise us with personalized hanging banners from the light pole in the driveway.

Isari Flower Studio Signage

Isari Flower Studio Cupcakes

Brandon's favorite thing to talk about is the desserts, which is actually a long conversation because there were treats everywhere at our wedding. When guests arrived they were greeted by a lemonade stand that served lemonade from a cheery vintage jug, Brandon's mom's perfect chocolate chip cookies, and juicy long-stemmed strawberries that we found at the farmer's market the morning of the wedding (and that I dared to eat in my wedding dress while waiting in a bedroom to walk down the aisle...I can't believe I did that!) Immediately after the ceremony guests were served artisan pizzas along with the crowd-favorite--Italian sodas in any flavor. For dessert we served cupcakes--chocolate, carrot and coconut handmade by my sisters and friend--and berry tarts and chocolate covered strawberries made by Brandon's mom.

Isari Flower Studio Groom Pizza

My favorite details were visual: the hand-painted signs and table numbers, the programs that were stacked in a pretty yellow birdcage, the guipure lace patterns on my dress, the striped aprons our catering crew wore, and my exquisite and enormous bouquet of flowers that was far too special to be subjected to a bouquet toss.

Bride Bouquet Isari

Isari Flower Studio Swing

Our wedding was hand-made and family-operated in every way. I created the invitations, painted signs and designed the program. My aunt sewed 100 napkins and my grandmas ironed and folded them. Brandon's family planted flowers, hung twinkle lights and graciously welcomed family, friends and vendors as we invaded their home for days leading up to the wedding. My sister Bri drove flowers 500 miles from San Diego to Chico, since I insisted that no one in Northern California could make flowers look as beautiful as Isari Flower Studios does. She had to bundle up in a parka, scarf and hat for the 10 hour drive to tolerate the extreme air conditioning that was required to keep the delicate peonies and ranunculus alive. My best friends joined forces to arrange the specially-delivered flowers and set the tables the day of the wedding. Brandon’s uncle conducted our ceremony, a fitting gesture since he was responsible for introducing Brandon and me five years earlier!

Fireworks Isari Flower

Throughout the process of planning and preparing and celebrating the best thing happened. Our families, who were always friends, became closer than ever. Our dads challenged our sisters to a canoe race in the lake. Our moms shared recipes while creating a family cookbook for a wedding gift. Our brothers decided to become roommates and our grandmas (both women of few words, both in their 90s) became fast friends. Brandon and I loved watching it all transpire, delighted by the fact that our happiness and love were spreading and becoming bigger and better than we ever could have imagined.

Photography: Amber of Artistic Imagery

Flowers: Isari Flower Studio

Event Design: Family and friends

Ceremony & Reception: Groom's family home

Invitations: Bride