Rainy Day Wedding From Orange Girl Photographs
October 19, 2010
By: eddye
North America

Since I've been contributing to The Little Black Book Blog, I've definitely developed some of my own personal 'favorites' when it comes to wedding images. Images that I used to think were 'pretty', are now my new faves! For example ... the getting-ready shots ...

Orange Girl Bride

Orange Girl Getting Ready

Orange Girl Dresses Shoes

And then, I'd have to say that First Look photo sequences are also at the top of my list of favorites!

Orange Girl First Look

First Look Orange Girl

I  mean, how cute are these two!? We have so many more in the gallery!

When you arrange to do your portraits and wedding party pics before-hand ~ this is what is possible!

Wedding Party Orange Girl

Wedding Portraits Orange Girl

Melissa and David were married in September at the Juniper Hotel & Bistro in the Banff National Forest. It's no wonder these shots by Kirstie at Orange Girl Photographs are SO spectacular! But this darling couple and their love for each other surely had a LOT to do with the joy in these images.

Ceremony Orange Girl

Cupcakes Bouquet Love

See and hear more about Melissa and David's glorious wedding celebration on Orange Girl's blog {here} !

From the bride ~

David and I spent last Christmas at his parents’ house in the Yukon Territory. On Christmas Eve, David told me he wanted to go for a hike by Lewes Lake, which has breathtaking mountain views. While enjoying the beautiful scenery from the top of a ridge, he proposed to me! Our love for nature and the mountains made Banff, Alberta a natural choice for our wedding location. We instantly fell in love with the stunning, panoramic mountain view and warm, modern feel that the Juniper Hotel offered. We decided that it would be the ideal location to hold our wedding ceremony and reception.

It has been a particularly wet year in Alberta, so I was not surprised when I woke up to rain on our wedding day! Despite the gloomy weather, it was an incredible day and the rain added to the memorable experience. David and I decided to be unconventional and had made plans to see each other before the ceremony. We arranged to meet on Mount Norquay. It was raining fairly hard when David and I saw each other for the first time. Luckily I came prepared with rain boots and an umbrella in our wedding colour. It was so wonderful to have an intimate moment just to ourselves.

I also prepared enough umbrellas for our wedding party; it made our outdoor photo session unique, comfortable and lots of fun! Fortunately, the sun finally came out and cooperated long enough for Kirstie, our photographer, to capture some spectacular photos. But shortly afterwards, it started raining again and we were not able to have an outdoor ceremony as planned. The hotel staff told us they would need at least 25 minutes to move everything inside. To our surprise, our guests started picking up, moving and drying chairs and everything was set up in record time! It was amazing how everyone pulled together for us; it was one of the best moments of the day. Although most brides and grooms would prefer a dry day, we wouldn’t change a thing. The rain ended up being one of our favourite details of the wedding!

From Orange Girl Photography ~

They say rain makes a marriage blossom and therefore it is considered good luck on your wedding day. However, if you're planning an outdoor ceremony in the mountains I can see why it would be disappointing. I've always said that it is the bride and groom that set the tone for the day and Melissa and David are a perfect example of that. Despite the rain they were smiling and excited throughout the day. They enjoyed every moment of their wedding day. As Melissa and I drove up Norquay mountain in the vintage Bentley on the way to meet David for the bride reveal, it was raining as hard as I've ever seen. Melissa wasn't phased at all. She was so excited to see David for the first time on their wedding day. David stood in the trees with an umbrella as Melissa made her way through the trees and heavy rain in her rainboots holding her purple umbrella. It was a sweet moment and a great way to start the day.

Stylish, organized, thoughtful and sweet are a few qualities that make up a dream bride for me...Melissa possessed all of those qualities and more. She and David had chosen the theme "Fall in Love" for their September wedding. After dinner guests were invited out onto the patio to enjoy s'mores and take in the night sky while the venue cleared tables to make way for dancing.

Melissa and David's day will always be memorable to me because of their excitement and smiles throughout their day. They are a couple who focused on what was most important to them, becoming husband and wife surrounded by those closest to them.

Photography: Kirstie Tweed, Orange Girl Photographs /Flowers: Elements Floral / Event Design & Planning: The bride! / Ceremony & Reception: The Juniper in Banff Canada / Cupcakes: Cozy Cave Bake Shoppe / Vintage 1952 Silver Bentley: Highland Executive Chauffeur / "Fall in Love" banner by Etsy seller GiggleRoom / Make-up and Hair - Bride: Raja LeClerc; Bridesmaids: Raja LeClerc (Make-up) & Meaghan Cameron (Hair)