DIY Apple Roasting Favors
October 11, 2010
DIY InspiredFall Weddings
In keeping with all of the fabulous Fall inspired treats today, we have one of the cutest DIY projects from Vicky Hudgins of City Cradle Design. Pure genius, I tell you. She has put together the most adorable Apple Roasting Favors that would be perrrfect for a Fall wedding, shower, party...we could go on and on but instead we will dive right into the super duper easy details all captured by Jackie Wonders.

DIY Apple Roasting

Materials needed:

Apple roasting DIY label template (download here)
individually wrapped caramel piece
Box to hold the contents
Stick to roast on

DIY Apple Roasting 1


1. Cut out the labels and write in your greeting, thank you, name etc- there is a large blank spot for your writing.
2. Thread the caramel though the stick or attach it onto the stick with twine if your stick is much heavier.
3. Place apple in the box and the caramel stick popping out on top.
4. Attach your written label to the ribbon piece you have cut and using double sided tape, secure onto the side

DIY Apple Roasting 2

From Vicky Hudgins...

I know smore's have had a field day as the go-to treat these days but for fall why not try a different take on the idea. Apples roasted with caramels are perfect fall option for weddings and showers. I created this DIY that can be used just as easily for favors or name cards at a fall gathering. Your guests will love the idea of roasting carmel apples. You can send them home with the treat for have a small fire going for an activity at your event. Have your guests throw their caramels a cast iron pan over a small bonfire or grill. They can attach the apple (in whole or pieces) to their stick, roast it over the fire and dip into the melted caramel for a yummy fall treat! Plus the presentation will cozy up a fall event instantly.