Mammoth Wedding
September 27, 2010
United States

This ga-ga-gorgeous mountain top wedding has our hearts going pitter patter.  As if the breathtaking backdrop of Mammoth was not enough eye candy, this cute couple is killing it with the adorable details.  The fact that the groom had carved their initials into a tree at the reception site a year earlier is just about the cutest thing we've even heard of.  Shot by the lovely ladies of Joielala Photographie and Scott Lawrence, this wedding is a must see!  Check out more prettiness in the gallery. XO, Tori & Myka









See much more mountain top loveliness in the gallery.

From the groom:

My wife, Lauren, and I have been in love with the Eastern Sierras every since the first time we visited there together about 5 or 6 years ago. We love going skiing every winter on Mammoth mountain and hiking the beautiful trails in the summer. Last summer, while on one of our favorite hikes, it dawned on us that we should consider getting married in the area. Of course, I hadn’t even proposed at that point but when you’ve been together for 11 years, the conversation comes up!

We decided that we would get married at a gorgeous glacial lake just south of Mammoth called Convict Lake. Once we saw it, we knew that it was the perfect place for our ceremony. We’re not the most traditional couple so the thought of a wedding in the great outdoors sounded like our style. We also loved the idea of all our family and friends coming up for a weekend to experience the place we love so much with us for such a momentous occasion.

The rehearsal dinner was set on top of Mammoth mountain, which made for a spectacular view when the sun set over the mountains. The whole experience was amazing and the best part was having all the guests take a gondola ride up to the restaurant at the top, which we kept a surprise until they arrived.

The ceremony was absolutely stunning (despite the intense wind that day!) and our reception was held next to a grove of aspen trees. There was one special aspen that I had carved our initials into a year earlier that turned into a sort of wedding logo during all the planning. After some incredible speeches (including my father-in-law’s, complete with choreographed dancers!) I played my wife a song that I written especially for the big day. Seeing as how our first kiss came after I attempted to give her a guitar lesson so many years ago, it was only fitting to bring it full circle with a song of her own.

That night was so special and the love we felt for each other, our friends and our family is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I would have felt lucky to marry my wife anywhere but the setting we chose could not have been more perfect.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous day with all of us.

XO, Tori & Myka of sittinginatree

Wedding Coordinator: Mike Melin of Convict Lake Resort / Cabin info: Brian Balarsky of Convict Lake Resort / Wedding Planner: Rachel Leber of I Do...Weddings! / Officiant: Michael Backes, 310-363-5560 or 949-421-8739 / Photography: Joielala PhotograhieScott Lawrence / Videography: Robert J. Busch of HD in Vision / Florist: Patricia of Red Lily / Cake: Ian of Skadi / DJ: Michael Tiernan / Hair: Becki Kapono, / Makeup: Janet Pippens, / Nails: Belladonna Salon / Rentals: Camelot Party Rentals / Transportation: Scottie Marzonie of Mammoth Taxi / Dress: Here Comes the Bride / Suits: Friar Tux / Stationery: Danielle Leopold / Tent Draping: Cat de`Lavigne, / Rehearsal Dinner: Jennifer Zeigler, / Westin Contact: Teresa Brocia,

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