Vermont Wedding At The Sugarbush Resort From Justin & Mary Marantz
September 17, 2010
By: eddye
New England
Every single wedding we see is filled to the brim with special touches, special details, beautiful people. Becky and Tay's Vermont wedding is such a perfect reminder that behind all the beautiful people and gorgeous details, the emotions of the day are the crowning glory. The flash of a father's smile, the glint of a tear, the hugs and spontaneous explosions of joy! And who better to capture it all, but Justin and Mary Marantz!







bouquets by The Blue Toad Flower Shop

Justin and Mary Marantz (and Julia!) are experts at documenting the details! But, more than that, they are also there for all the behind the scenes moments that complete the story.


And ... speaking of being behind the scenes, I read on their blog that J & M insist on enforcing a 'ten minute rule.'

"What?" you say, "is a ten minute rule?"

Justin & Mary insist that ... immediately following the ceremony ... all of their couples (ALL of their couples) step away from the crowd. They take them to a previously scouted spot nearby and allow them to spend those first ten minutes after the marriage ceremony alone, to bask in the feelings of being husband and wife. To just be. Together. Alone. Mary and Justin are discreetly at a distance snapping a few pics, but for the  most part, the newlyweds are alone. (Read more about it here). This is a rule that all wedding photographers should adopt! Ten minutes. No exceptions.



The beautiful couple featured today are Becky and Tay, recently married in Vermont at the Sugarbush Resort. You can see all of the gorgeous details, the heartfelt moments and the spectacular photography from Justin and Mary Marantz right here {part i} and here {part ii}.


Their story ...

How They Met

Tay and I met in high school. Although he is of Turkish descent, he was born in Australia and moved to the US at age 5. We grew up a few towns apart on Long Island, and then he moved to my school district in 10th grade. We didn't actually start dating until after graduation, but we fell in love very quickly and stayed together throughout four years of college even though we were 250 miles apart. There were many long bus trips between Fordham's campus in the Bronx, New York, where Tay studied, and Dartmouth, where I studied in snowy New Hampshire. The first time Tay came to visit me, he was shocked by how cold it was, but soon (after I casually mentioned that I would only marry a skier), he learned the joys of skiing and couldn't get enough of New England!

The Proposal

After a few years of work and graduate school - sometimes in the same city, sometimes not - we finally moved in together while Tay got his master's degree at Dartmouth. A year later we moved back to Long Island for me to attend medical school. That Christmas, Tay got down on one knee in the snow and proposed on the side of a ski trail at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, where my family has skied every year for most of my life. Given the many memories we shared there, we knew it was the perfect place to have our wedding.

The Wedding

To give our guests a taste of why we love Vermont so much, we filled their welcome bags with some of our favorite local goodies, such as Vermont Liberty Teas and VerMints. We were married in Timbers Restaurant and had our reception at the Gate House Lodge, finishing off the night with fireworks over the mountain. We love the fact that we will forever be reminded of the happiest day of our lives whenever we return there to ski, which will be often!

Congratulations to Becky and Tay!!

And thanks so much ~ Justin & Mary for sharing!

Wedding planner - Tiffany Bailey, Sugarbush Resort; Catering - Sugarbush Resort; Officiant - Reverend Michael Caldwell; Florist - The Blue Toad; Ceremony guitarist - James Kinne; DJ - Chris Ryan of 2KuL Entertainment; Cake - Michelle Lunde of Delicate Decadence; Videography - Betsy Duany; Dress - Ines di Santo;