Oklahoma Wedding by Carl Zoch Photography
September 11, 2010

This wedding seems so well suited for a Saturday. It is filled to the brim with fun details, fun attitudes, fun outfits and just seems to have a lively spirit about it. We'll give credit where credit is due because this was a total DIY affair handcrafted by the bride and groom and all of their fab friends and family. Pretty talented bunch, wouldn't you say? And of coarse we are completely smitten with the art that is the photographs of Carl and Cara Zoch. They rocked our socks off with this batch of lovely photos. Click here to see even more!

Oklahoma Wedding

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From the Bride, Meghan:

Our wedding was one huge experiment! First of all, we had to plan the wedding from half-way across the country since we are currently living in Seattle, but wanted the wedding back home in Oklahoma. We also knew we wanted our wedding to be representative of us, and that meant having to do a lot of it ourselves. Finding unconventional wedding vendors in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be quit the task. So we took matters into our own hands and used family, friends, and local coffee shops and bakeries to get our food and decor. We liked the idea of a DIY wedding so we could keep the costs down, and spend the money on things that were the most important to us. We saved a lot of money by buying most of our flowers from Sam's Club, and using a lot of family heirlooms as centerpieces. My grandmother used to own an antique shop, so her attic was our one-stop-shop for centerpieces. We spent most of the budget on my wedding dress, and our fabulous photographer. I wouldn't have changed a single thing!

The other benefit of having a DIY wedding is seeing all of your hard work come to fruition. I came into town three days before the wedding, and we hit the ground running. We stayed up all hours of the night stringing yarn balls, laying our centerpieces, tying pieces of fabric to sticks for flags, baking, and making sure everything was in order for the Big Day. We woke up REALLY early on the day of the wedding and loaded six trucks full of wedding decorations and headed off to the mansion. My whole family and all of the wedding party worked their butts off in the 100 degree weather to make our vision a reality. I had to start getting ready before it was all put together, so the first time I saw it all done is when I stepped outside to walk down the aisle. It was magical! Not only was I about to marry my best friend, but I was also so proud to see all of our hard work pay off.

As far as the actual wedding goes, it was all kind of a blur. My favorite memories were walking down the aisle to "Somebody to Love" with the bubble machine on full blast, watching my dad throw $20's at my mom on the dance floor, and conga-lining with my new in-laws. Oh, and the ice cream bar was pretty awesome too :). The most common feedback I got about the wedding was that it "was SO Jonathan and Meghan." Success!

Photographers: Carl and Cara Zoch / Wedding Dress: Priscilla of Boston / Groom's Suit: The Duchess / Venue: The Dresser Mansion / Florist: Lindi from The Bridal Garden / Cakes: Ann's Bakery / DJ: Zach Downing / Beer: Coop Ale Works