Peonies In Portland From Geranium Lake Flowers
September 9, 2010
By: eddye

This yummy, yummy, wedding took place in the deep darks of a Portland, Oregon wine cellar. It was the perfect setting for an intimate, romantic wedding because the tiny space was filled with family and friends. The bride and groom opted for soft candlelight to highlight the flowers and wine barrels and the overall effect was both cozy and luxuriously romantic. This is one of our favorites this summer because it just goes to show that a wedding needn't match the cost of your first mortgage. This couple did it their way - small, lush, and enchanting. The small venue and shortened guest list meant that they could focus their budget on the details - - and the results speak for themselves! - Kim Foren, Geranium Lake Flowers

Geranium Lake 001

Geranium Lake 002

from the beautiful bride ...

I only had 6 months to prepare for my wedding and I started planning it without a theme in mind. All I knew was that I wanted it to be small, intimate with a solemn wedding ceremony. Everything came together as soon as I found the perfect venue – a wine cellar. The place was small and dim with only a few lamps illuminating the place. It was also furnished with antique woodwork and huge wine barrels lining the brick walls. It was rustic and romantic – perfect for a girl who loves chick flicks, chocolates, flowers and candlelit dinners.

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My wedding flowers were a mix of peonies and roses with different shades of pink and ivory. My florist, Kim Foren, from Geranium Lake Flowers introduced me to a smoky pink rose called “Faith”, which I fell in love with instantly. The peonies were amazing because they looked so soft and lush – just complemented everything in the room.

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Our favorite detail of the wedding was the boxes of chocolates we assembled together as gifts for our guests. The kraft boxes, twine and tags were from Etsy and the chocolates are from Verdun.

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Three words that describe our wedding? Romantic, Fun, Perfect!

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So pretty! See more of Gladys & Lemuel's wedding here!

Flowers: Geranium Lake Flowers – Kim Foren

Reception Site: Hotel Vintage Plaza – Pazzo Cellar

Photographer: Yasmin Khajavi Photography

Cake: Wrightberry Cakes


Matthew Kern- Piano; George Borcea- Accordion

Make-up: Aimee Janik for Aimee J’Adore