Southern California DIY Ranch Wedding
September 7, 2010
United States
Outdoor Weddings

This next wedding, brought to us by Matthew Morgan Photography, was a true labor of love for not only the bride and groom but for all their friends and family as well.  It is a perfect example of a community coming together to celebrate a marriage.  And, it is pretty hard to believe that they accomplished all of this in only four months!  There are so many little details (think, a Polaroid wall and rustic furniture vignettes) that just made this already adorable wedding that more personal and precious. And it is so sweet that they were able to incorporate cherished items that belonged to the bride's grandmother into the decor.  Plus, with indie vendors like Elizabeth Dye and Twigs and's kind of perfection. There is so much more goodness in the gallery!  xoxo Sweet Emilia Jane

Southern California Wedding II

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Desert Ranch Wedding

DIY California Wedding II

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DIY California Wedding I

More unique DIY details in the gallery!

From the bride, Jenna...Planning this wedding was SUCH a blast! It was a whirlwind of an engagement (about 4 months), and so timelines and strict schedules were sort of thrown out of the window. John and I are both very laid back people and when we started planning our wedding in April, everything just started falling into our laps!  We knew early on that we wanted something simple and something memorable (who doesn't?) that incorporated our personal memories. We wanted it to feel like a home with a bit of a Parisian flea-market feel, and once we told everyone our vision, everything started falling into place.

One of the many blessings we got to experience through this whole process was how all of our family and friends stepped up and helped us in tremendous ways. My grandma died about two weeks after we got engaged, but during that rough time my parents and rest of the family helped us collect a bunch of furniture, plates, old bottles, succulents, you name it, from her house to use at the wedding. And it was so cool to see all of those memories I had of my grandmother and her house at the wedding!  She would've been so happy.

Not only that, but almost every week before the wedding, we had people over at my house in San Clemente, CA to help us with our wedding projects. I don't think my mom and I were planning on making as many things as we did, but we just had so much fun... we couldn't stop! We went all over southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas hopping from antique shop to antique shop, dumpster to dumpster (yep) to find billions of vintage plates, old coffee tins, the part of the gate for the bottle chandelier, and just random pieces of wood and furniture that we thought we could use and would look cute. It was so fun, and such a good time for my mom and I to have together before I got married.

Everything was perfect.  John and I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out, and with all the help from everyone close to us, it really made for the most memorable time of our lives!

Photographer: Matthew Morgan Photography / Venue: Private field in Trabuco Canyon, CA / Bride's dress: Elizabeth Dye / Jewelry: Sora Designs / Headpiece: Twigs and Honey / Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Groom's suit: H&M / Catering: Piaggio / Cake: Caitlin Knoop / Videographer: Danny Lipinski / Florist: Pam Lowe of Pamela Lowe Floral Designs