New York City Wedding by Michelle Arlotta
September 1, 2010
Tri State

I am definitely a vintage girl at heart but I can surely appreciate a well executed modern affair and our next wedding in the line-up is just that and oh so much more. It is the essence of urban, modern, lofty glamour and it's GORG. We are taking a peek inside this NYC wedding through the lens of photographer Michelle Arlotta and there is so, so much more in the gallery. Check out the bright whites and the bold details by clicking right about here.

New York Wedding

New York Wedding 1

New York Wedding 2

New York Wedding 3

dying for more of those modern details? See them all here!

Although our family and friends are scattered throughout the US I was set on having our wedding in NYC because I love this city and wanted and modern/urban style wedding. Even though NY is super expensive to have a wedding we saved by doing a lot of research and many things ourselves. We chose Trinity Church being it is a beautiful church built in the 1700s and is in our neighborhood of downtown Manhattan. Upon finding our venue, which is a photo studio loft in Tribeca, I came up with a "home" theme as they have tons of furniture they are willing to let you use for the wedding. Also, since I am in love with graffitti and nyc and they allow you to actually paint the walls we decided to incorporate the city feel throughout the reception as well.

One of our friends mom is an artist and helped us make our wedding unique. She painted a huge "Mr.and Mrs. Kim" canvas which hung in the hallway of the reception and was used as the backdrop for a photobooth where we had props for people to dress up. We bought props at Rickys and I handmade lips, mustaches, eyebrows on a stick. I took photos of graffiti/love images throughout NYC and had them made into postcards which served as the guestbook. The guests would write on the back and place them in the mailbox. There were also grafitti type words painted on the walls "NYC" and "Home Sweet Home" and brightly colored florals in cement containers. The cocktail hour space had 3 piece vintage jazz band supposed to feel like classy street performers. The florist used cement containers of grass and orchids to bring in the urban feel. Our artist painted a NYC skyline on the wall and we projected a slideshow of photos of city/graffiti images I had taken on the wall over the skyline.

Following the cocktail hour we went into the reception room which had different rooms setups including kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. To save money I purchasd all the decor at Tj Maxx, homegoods, century 21, etsy etc. Over the bride and groom table was a "KIM" doily crocheted by my aunt. Over the fireplace were wedding pictures of our parents and grandparents. We had a NY coffee table book and a candy dish with personalized M&M's. We had an awesome DJ who kept everyone dancing. Being my fiance is Korean I tried to incorporate his some Korean elements by having a korean paper wrapping books on the beside table, korean hand mirror in the bathroom, and jewelry box on the bedside table. We also had Korean wedding bobbleheads top our wedding cake. We had food stations (an asian station and a meat/potatoes type station) allowing guests to mingle,eat and drink and more time for dancing. We had a "homey" desert table with rice crispie treats, choc clip cookies, miniature pies, and they passed out rootbeer float shots.

Photographer: Michelle Arlotta / Assistant Photographer: David Lim / Catering: Sterling Affair / Florist: Carolyn Griesmeyer of Stem NYC / Band: Lapis Luna / DJ: Eric Visa / Venue: Location 05 Studios, Helah Kehati / Artist: Ronna Lebo / Invites and stickers: Kate's Paperie, Viva Max / Dress: Priscilla of Boston / Shoes: Nine West with Aldo shoe clips