A Secret Wedding by Simply Jessie Photography
September 1, 2010

I'll admit that we go crazy for gorgeous, meticulously planned and executed weddings BUT (yes, there is a BUT) we also go nutzo for intimate, super, duper sweet affairs. You know, the ones that pull at your heart strings and have you balling like a little baby because they are just.that.sweet. This is a secret wedding sent to us by Simply Jessie Photography and it falls right into that category. This couple absolutely could not wait till their fall wedding to be husband and wife so they called up their photographer and proclaimed their love under a tree with their dog by their side. Too sweet! You can find more from this sweet day in the gallery.

Secret Wedding

Secret Wedding 1

Secret Wedding 2

Secret Wedding 3

find even more of this sweet, sweet wedding in the gallery!

I received a call on Wednesday asking if I had time to come out for a secret wedding out at a local Chicago park. I was on board the moment we spoke. She is my kind of gal. They have a wonderful Fall wedding planned but just could not wait any longer. They were ready to be married and Saturday was the day.

Eric and I met them at noon. They picked which tree they wanted to be under and our secret wedding began. There were dandelions, beautiful light, trees, a light breeze and a couple so in love that there they stood. Within twenty minutes under the oak tree among their audience of birds, water, morning walkers and their dog Roxi, they are now husband and wife.

On top of it all, they had really fabulous details and style. Meaghan picked a white dress out of her closet, planned a picnic for their private afternoon on a vintage table cloth, and brought all their love letters to read to one another as newlyweds. They even brought a keepsake flower press from Meaghan's childhood to document the blooms that were on display that day in the park. It was simple, ridiculously romantic and crazy beautiful.

Photography: Jessie and Eric Stevens of Simply Jessie / Flowers: Paul at Marguerite Gardens / Ceremony Location: Promontory Point Park Chicago / Minister: Reverend Rebecca