Marrone Video Productions: The Reason Why
August 24, 2010
By: eddye

Just last week, we featured a film from Marrone Video of a terrific photo shoot on SMP {here}. And if you haven't already fallen in love with their style, today will most certainly do the trick! We have two short films that you've got to watch ... because no matter whether you're in the final stretch and can almost see the finish line ... or have just heard the starting gun ... these videos will inspire, motivate, and totally rejuvenate you!

Leslie & Nicola: Wedding Trailer

Filmed in Troy, Michigan, Leslie and Nicola's video is a phenomenal reminder of what this whole wedding thing is all about!! {ya' might want to grab a tissue}

Maronne 1

and ...

Jessica & Giovanni

... braved a vicious thunderstorm in order for us to get some great shots in downtown Montreal. They had a Catholic ceremony and the reception was lounge style at the Sheraton Laval. We were able to do an Instant Edit for them to show later, during their reception!

Maronne 2

Just Say Yes!

See more of Marrone Video Productions SUPER films here!

Photography: Leslie & Nicola ~Sam Sarkis

Photography: Jessica & Giovanni ~ This Is Your Story