From Inspiration to Reality: The Film
August 13, 2010

We have been blown away by the crazy amounts of beauty on display today and we aren't finished quite yet. We are going to round out the inspiration festivities with the dreamiest of videos by uber talent Matt Davis of Lifestage Films. He was up at the crack of dawn to film this little ballad and it was so worth it! Quite frankly, we are left speechless and that rarely happens. It is so beautiful, so ethereal, and such a perfect end to the day. Sit back and take a load off  and enjoy one of the prettiest films we have seen in a long, long time.

From Matt Davis of Lifestage Films:

What was so crazy about this shoot is that we all had to arrive before the sun rose, at 4:30 AM! Salt Harbor Designs and High Performance Lighting we already at work at 3 AM, setting up the scene, and creating some VERY unique beach lighting with Edison lights. Our original model couple fell through at the last minute, but Lindsey and Gray jumped in enthusiastic and ready to go! They were perfect actually. We know Lindsey from Bald Head Island events so it was great to catch up and laugh (half-asleep) before the shoot began.

Salt Harbor did an amazing job at setting up the decor and "feel" for this shoot. With a freaking bed on the beach, a tiny boat, perfectly designed brunch table, and many more tiny intricacies that made this shoot a day in Heaven. That's where the premise for "The Dream" starts...

I knew it was a perfect time to get a timelapse of the sunrise coming over our little corner of the Atlantic Ocean. But I had to have a reason for doing that. I didn't want it to be just for the sake of being beautiful (which it was!). Seeing those colors painted across the sky as the morning went on was an amazing feeling. It was also an inspiration into creating a "daydream" sequence. With everything we had set up for the couple, it truly felt like a "dream" day. It felt like a place that couple has kept to themselves. Some place no one else knows about. A place where they can be free, and in love. So, the timelapse of the gorgeous sunrise was intended to show that although time was passing into daylight, the couple was actually entering into their own' Dreamworld". A perfect day by the ocean. An intimate dream. We wanted it to feel like an escape. I think we pulled it off.

Cinematography: Matt Davis of Life Stage Films / Photography: Millie, Rachel and Rebecca of Millie Holloman Photography / Styling, Design, Florals, and Paper: Jennifer Rose-Sandy of Salt Harbor Designs / Lighting: Steve Peterson of High Performance Lighting / Cake and Macaroons: Flower & Flour / Hair and Makeup: Melissa Kinnamon of NSalo Salon / Dinnerware:The Fisherman's Wife / Rowboat: Harborside Event Rentals / Bed: Susan Covington Art