Boudoir Photography by Raw Photo Design
August 5, 2010

If you're not quite sure about what to expect from our next post let me assure you that every square inch of this feature is beautiful, sophisticated, and completely gorgeous. At first the idea of doing a boudoir feature made us blush but we quickly realized it was about waaaayyy more than steamy pics and saw just how truly elegant the photography can be. So when Raw Photo Design sent us a these stunning boudoir images, we knew it was time to share what many of your already knew, boudoir photography is a totally fun and exhilarating experience that will make you feel totally amazing.



From Raw Photo Design...

Boudoir photography has officially been transformed from over-done makeup, foggy filters, and awkward poses to straight-up elegance and female empowerment. Some say it is a fleeting trend, while others just refer to them as ‘some sexy pictures.’

But we believe that boudoir photography transcends all of this, and is meant to make our clients feel like they have never felt before ...beautiful….confident….empowered….gorgeous….assured….assertive…. stunning…. glamorous….elegant….sophisticated….or how we like to say: "like Rockstars".

Like we said…much more than taking some sexy photos. This is why we do what we do…to help women achieve a level of confidence and empowerment they have never experienced before in an elegant and tasteful manner.



{Click here to see additional images in our galleries}

Alright, alright, I know these women are seriously gorgeous and their bodies are insane. But a beautiful boudoir sessions isn't about your body, it's about your attitude. A lot of women, regardless of their shape or size, want to do a boudoir session as a Valentine's surprise for their fiancé, an anniversary gift for their hubby, or just as a way to celebrate their own bodies. A boudoir session is an intimate experience, so be sure to pick your photographer carefully and thoughtfully.

To give you an even better idea about how a boudoir session works and what to expect, definitely check out Raw Photo's boudoir video by Vantage Point Films...

So fun right?!?!

We have a fabulous line up of LBB vendors that specialize in boudoir. They are a very talented crew and most importantly, they're are all extremely professional photographers that will make you feel beautiful, confident, and yes, very sexy.

Vendors: Photography: Raw Photo Design / Cinematography: Vantage Point Films / Makeup & hair styling of all the ladies featured, Stacey Palancia of Blush Couture - Lindsey Gallagher of Like Flutter for Lashes - Sue Houde of Naomi’s Studio / Lingerie in the video provided by Beneath the Gown in Clinton, CT