Beach Picnic Engagement Session by Adrienne Gunde
August 5, 2010

There is something so sweet and romantic about picnics with your honey, especially when that picnic is on the sand. The beach is making a comeback in engagement sessions friends and it is looking better than ever. Adrienne Gunde was the Einstein behind these sweet as pie images and they are beyond. Candy, waves, kites, you need anything else in life? We think not. Whether it is inspiration you are after or lovely images, you will find loads more from Adrienne in the gallery.

Beach Blanket Engagement 4

Beach Blanket Engagement

Beach Blanket Engagement 2

Beach Blanket Engagement 1

see the full sun-shiny session here!

From Adrienne:

I've seen quite a few of the vintage picnic-inspired sessions, usually in a field or the woods, and love the different vibe the beach lent to this session. The couple brought along lots of colorful objects including sodas and candy, which I knew we had to do some confetti type shots with! The bride also handcrafted a couple of lovely fabric kites (after coming across only Superman/pirate/the Hulk-themed ones online, she figured she should make her own!) We had tons of fun with the kites and they made for some cute images.