Long Island Sound Engagement ~ Melani Lust Photography
July 14, 2010
By: eddye
Tri State
Beach Weddings

The final engagement session we're showcasing today is a breathtaking shoot from Melani Lust Photography. We started off the day by saying that the one common denominator in all engagement shoots is the almost palpable love shared between the couple. You can style or dress or prop all you want, but the bottom line is the emotion caught on film that tells the true story ...


I have never, ever loved a photograph more than this one of Elizabeth and Leo tenderly holding hands.




Leo proposed to Elizabeth at the Fort Tilden Beach on the Long Island Sound in New York, so we went back to that spot for their engagement shoot. The sunrise light at 6 am provided beautiful atmosphere for the shoot. Leo is an avid photo enthusiast and shutterbug himself, so he brought his large format camera for a stylized shoot with Elizabeth. We look forward to their October wedding at The Society Room in Hartford, CT.


See Elizabeth and Leo's sensational engagement session from Melani Lust Photography here!

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