From Inspiration to Wedding: The Wrap UP
July 7, 2010

It's been a really great few days on SMP. I hope that through Libby and Patrick's wedding you were able to see how a wedding is really built...from soup to nuts. Or as I should say, from inspiration to reality. I really feel like this little project has given me more motivation and excitement than I have ever had to infuse SMP with hands-on, really exciting features. Ideas and inspirations that will resonate with even more brides out there. Before we wrap things up, I thought I'd share a few more behind the scenes ideas as to how we managed to save a little bit of money while still designing a SMP worthy wedding. And at end of this post, you can see which of the super cool products we bought are now for sale at a discount! Oh and of course...a huge CHEERS to Libby and Patrick from all of us at Style Me Pretty!

sofia toast

Here are a few cost saving tips that really helped us to stay within our budget...

1. Whenever we could, we borrowed. Milk glass from one person, mercury glass votives from another. We even borrowed pillows from one of Sarah's clients who was using them for her own upcoming wedding. Our tip for you...ask your vendors, friends and family members to borrow items that will enhance your decor. You can even buy pillow cases at IKEA for $6 and cover old throw pillows that you already have. Think creatively by reusing items!

2. "Gussy Up" simple purchases. Adding wrapping paper to the bases of our lucite trays would have provided a pop of print to our lounge space had we not found the zebra rugs at the very last minute. Spray painting old lanterns in black lacquer, adding fabric yo-yo's to basic white linens, purchasing a SUPER simple cake then adorning it with a cute cake flower. Even something as simple as stitching a runner to top your table as opposed to renting expensive tablecloths.  These are all little ways to make your wedding seem that much more unique.

3. Create focal areas and put your money there. Let the rest stay simple and clean. Our focal areas for Libby's wedding were the 4 lounge spaces and the head table. ALL of our money went into these spaces. We kept the dance floor super simple, casually framed only by the food and the bar. The cocktail tables were dressed in a simple linen and flowers from the church were re-used as decor. The head table was the only table that we rented chair covers for, that we printed menus for, that we added tablesettings. It was placed right in the center so guests could ooooh and ahhh and really appreciate that one focal point.

4. Have one big "pop." Our zebra rugs literally transformed the space. They were $64 each at Urban Outfitters and they did more for the space than many of our more expensive purchases.

5. Use inexpensive flowers in abundance. Granted, we had one chock-a-block full table of peonies. But, our larger arrangements were actually baby's breath. For $6 a bundle! They were SO gorgeous, so impactful and didn't make even a dent in our budget.

There were so many more ways that we saved money, from flat out asking for discounts to printing all of the paper goods (with the exception of the invitation and save the date) on our home printer (an Epson R1800) and having Libby's friend do the calligraphy for free! We infused the day with tons of little DIY projects that didn't cost much at all but that made the wedding unique to Libby and Patrick. We skipped favors in lieu of donations, we reused the bridesmaids bouquets and the church decor in our reception space. With every decision that we made, we considered our budget and tried to figure out a way to get more for our money.

And you know was SO gorgeous no one would ever be able to tell that we really got creative. It doesn't matter if you have a $5,000 budget or a $100,000, it's NEVER a bad thing to look for ways to save money!


So in the name of saving a little mula, we've decided to sell many of the products that we purchased for the wedding. Here's what we have and the prices that we are asking. If you are interested, please email libby.s.burke{at}gmail{dot}com. Please note, everything has been used only once, for Libby and Patrick's wedding.

4 Urban Outfitter Zebra Rugs - $40 each (original price $64, on sale now for $50)

6 Urban Outfitter Chandeliers with Light Package- $35 each (original price approximately $50 total for light package and chandelier)

2 CB2 Lean on Me pillows - $10 each (original price $19.95)

7 large and 2 small stainless steel cb2 vases: $20 for large and $15 for small (original price $24.95 - $29.95) 

4 Large and 8 Small Z Gallerie Lanterns: $5 for the small and $10 for the large (original price $14.95 and $7.95)

PLUS, for the grand finale...

1 fabulously beautiful Watters wedding dress--tag size 4, but it has been altered to be more like a 2. BUT, the seamstress didn't cut the fabric at all, so it could be let out to a full size 4 if need be. And it hasn't been hemmed at all, my shoes were very tall! PRICE: $1600.