From Inspiration to Wedding: The Wedding Film
July 7, 2010

You're definitely going to need to grab a couple of tissues for this next feature. You know what? Grab the whole box. Libby's wedding photographs were truly gorgeous but to see the wedding really come to life thru the film is like being there all over again. Elysium did an absolutely beautiful job capturing the spirit of the day, the charm of Libby and Patrick's personality and the total style that went into every last detail. I've literally watched this clip 20 times and every time I do...I cry. It's just that good. From Julie at Elysium...

I know, right!!! And lucky for us, Julie is starting a new little adventure...documenting real brides and the process of planning a wedding. In little, fun to watch minis that we'll all be able to enjoy. Can't wait to see what she comes up with (more info below).

From Julie Hill at Elysium...I've always been in awe of the brides whose weddings we film.  They each have a unique vision of how they want their wedding to look and how they want their guests to feel.  I thought it would be so fun to document the REAL process of planning a wedding.  What inspires the bride?  What challenges do they have along the way?  How did they pick their dress, venue, and vendors?  For Libby & Patrick's wedding, I wasn't able to film the entire planning process since they live in Nashville and I am in S. Cal but I was able to film the building of all the floral decor the day before as well as all the setup on the wedding day.  Can I just say that I had massive respect for wedding coordinators and designers before I did this, but after?  Let's just say that they are priceless!!

I am excited to document future couples as they go through the process.  Brides often tell me that they are so inspired by Style Me Pretty (among other things) yet get somewhat stuck at times on how to make their concept a reality.  This series will document the realities, the pitfalls, and the satisfaction and enjoyment of making their wedding dreams come true!  I'm also hoping to document more DIY projects that brides take on that can not only make their wedding more personal & unique, but also a budget saver.

Libby & Patrick's wedding was an eye opener and so much fun to film behind the scenes.  It turned out so beautifully due to Libby's great taste and awesome vendors she had on board.  I hope you enjoy this little film of their wedding behind the scenes!Oh and If you are newly engaged and planning a unique wedding based on what you see here on this amazing blog and would be interested in having your wedding planning documented from start to finish, please don't hesitate to contact me.

COMING UP NEXT...all of the fun DIY projects that went into the day!