Wedding Previews: Coming Attractions On The LBB Blog
July 5, 2010
By: eddye

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I'm one of the lucky ones getting that extra day off. A much needed long weekend! But, before I go, I want to warn you that we have some serious weddings coming up this week from our highly esteemed Little Black Book membersThomas Bui ... Jackie Wonder ... Stacy Reeves ... Keely Thorne & Ashley Garmon ... and that's just for starters!

Here's a quick look behind the scenes on the LBB Blog this week!

from Keely Thorne we will see Kim & Charlie's true-blue Texas wedding ~ photography by Ashley Garmon...

Next Week Texas

... from Jackie Wonders will be Gracie and Chester's San Diego county wedding ....

Chester Gracie

{sneak peek from Jackie's blog here}

... from Stacy Reeves in Austin, Autumn and Simon's wedding ....

Next Week Autumn Simon

... and tomorrow, from Thomas Bui Lifestyle (images courtesy of True Photography), this is probably my very most favorite shot of all times! If anyone can fill us in on the symbolism ~ we'd love to hear from you!

Next Week Indian Wedding

{sneak peek here: click on 'east indian celebration'}

Hope you all have a great day! Stay safe ... and we'll see you back, tomorrow with this truly spectacular Indian affair from Thomas!