Punjabi Ceremony In Anguila ~ From Mimmo + Naz
July 1, 2010
By: eddye

We speak of beauty and tradition often ~ we speak of love and marriage always. Today, we will speak very little. We will allow the images from the genius of mimmo+naz to say it all ...

Mimmo and Naz 01

Mimmo and Naz 02

Mimmo and Naz 03

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Mimmo and Naz 05

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Mimmo and Naz 07

escort cards

Mimmo and Naz 08

Mimmo and Naz 09

“As our plane broke through the clouds what came into focus was breathtaking...

the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of Anguilla welcomed all 100 guests

for a four day weekend that would see Anita and Bobby marry ...

Mimmo and Naz 10

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory measuring some 16 miles in length and 3 miles at its widest point. It has been blessed by some very famous architects and hoteliers who have designed divine yet understated properties that almost magically materialize in their environments. With the majority of their guests settled in secluded private beach houses and villas perfectly coined “castles in the sand” Covecastles seemed more like a dream that we all simply never wanted to wake from. It played one night as backdrop to a perfect evening of cocktails and lush details of all things classic old Hollywood! Sheriva played host for many of the weekend’s more ritualistic celebrations ~ in particular the Mehndi as well their white wedding. Cap Juluca saw the couple’s Indian ceremony perched on top of a green hill overlooking the sea which was beautifully adorned and officiated by Anita’s father. This was a weekend that we all will look back on and smile ... the company, the island, the love ~ it all just married perfectly!

- a guest

We will be back shortly with Anita and Bobby's incredible wedding film from mimmo + naz.  For those of you who simply can't wait, you can get a sneak peek here!