Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding by Anna Page
June 23, 2010

A rainy day in Milwaukee didn't dampen the spirits of this pretty wedding. In fact, it might have added to the already gorgeous images from Anna Page. What is not to love about accessorizing with a pink umbrella? We are collectively enamored with these urban nuptials and have a feeling you might fall head over heels as well. Check out the gallery for the full wedding and more shots of that perfect pouffy veil.

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Milwaukee Wedding

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Paul and I started dating eight years ago as seniors in high school.  The wedding party was made up of all of our siblings/family members and mutual high school friends.  Our officiant is the mother of one of the groomsmen and has been a dear friend to me and Paul for years.  She was able to create a ceremony that was sacred and moving and very genuine to the both of us.  We included a ring-warming ritual, where our wedding bands were passed around from guest to guest to hold and infuse with good energy and blessings. We held both the ceremony and reception at Cuvee, a champagne lounge in Milwaukee's third ward.  The cream city brick and floor-to-ceiling windows were what drew me to this gorgeous loft space because it is beautiful alone as an empty room, but I was already envisioning all the ways we could transform it.

My sister-in-law Christine and her husband Karl are very talented musicians.  We asked them if they would consider playing a little something as Paul and I gave roses to our parents. Well, the little something they worked on turned out to be an acoustic rendition of Every Rose Has Its Thorn.  It may not have been the most appropriate song selection, but it was both beautiful and hilarious. I was reduced to a simultaneous laugh-cry thing, which looks quite ugly, but I couldn't help it.  This may have been my favorite 90 seconds of the entire ceremony, it was THAT good.

By the time we gathered outside for pictures, it was raining steadily.  The pink umbrella belongs to our best man.  I was so grateful that he had the sense to bring one with us outside and I love the way turned out in the photos, that he is off the hook for owning a pink umbrella :)

I don't really know what came over me when I was veil shopping.  Maybe it was because my dress was simple and understated, but I just decided that my veil needed to be big and pouffy.  So I put a custom order in at Eva's Bridal Shop in Oak Creek, WI and specified to the salesgirl that I wanted no lace, no beading, just two layers with a blusher.  The result was pouf, which apparently they don't see many requests for, but they made it happen.

All of the florals came from our local grocery store. But the decor was all done by my mom, Jane Collins.  At some point during the planning process I mentioned to her that I was "really digging bell jars lately..."  With that, she was scouring estate sales and antique shops to handpick every tray, cloche and old dusty book.  In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I saw this collection of vintage "this and that" grow in our house.  I was skeptical.  When I walked into the venue and saw the tables set up, it actually took my breath away.  Each tablescape was unique and yet together they created the feel of a lovely vintage English garden.  Myself and my guests were stunned.  Thanks, Mom!

I'm a University of Wisconsin alum, as were roughly 40 of our guests, so I arranged for a surprise appearance by members of UW's marching band during the reception.  I told no one.  They just marched right in and it was a hit!  Our Crazybooth photographer, Simon McConico was able to snap the band in action.  It just wouldn't be a wedding in Wisconsin without some Beer Barrel Polka.

Photography: Anna Page / Venue: Cuvee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Bride's Dress and Bridesmaids: J Crew / Florals: Melissa Tonn of Trablume / Caterer: Lee Johns / Groom's Suit: Michael Kors / Groomsmen: Kenneth Cole / Crazybooth Photographer: Simon McConico of Valo Photography / DJ: Sound by Design / Tablescapes: Jane Collins