From Inspiration to Invitation by Paisley Quill
June 22, 2010

You guys are all probably familiar with our From Inspiration to Reality feature, right? You know, where we turn one of your inspiration boards into a real life photoshoot, chock-a-block full of steal-worthy ideas. Well, we took that idea in a slightly different direction with today's From Inspiration to INVITATION feature, with Molly Myers of Paisley Quill steering this super creative wheel. A few months back, Molly asked each of you to help her decide between two fabulous inspiration boards and from your comments, she would choose one lucky bride to receive a custom letterpress wedding invitation suite inspired by the chosen board. So cool, right. Well, we're back today with Molly's finished project and when I tell you that it's good, I am pretty much coining the understatement of the year.

My heart

And here is the invitation that the board inspired...

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

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From Paisley Quill...I chose Katie to be the lucky winner of this giveaway because, I personally love the retro look and colors of the board, even thought it wasn't the popular choice. But is seems like she really has an eye for detail and appreciates those subtle design elements that could easily be incorporated into an invitation. Her wedding is a weekend long event at a camp in Oregon. It is  a very fun and natural setting that compliments all of that green!

After speaking with Katie further, She really liked the image of the pine trees on the milk bottle, that is kind of where the whole concept started. I hand drew the trees and floral images. I wanted to do a fun, swirly font to compliment the swirls on the tray that she liked, so I contacted Debi Zeinert of the Blooming Quill for the calligraphy. She was kind enough to donate her services for all of the calligraphy you see in this suite. I had Andrew of Heritage Printers do the letterpress, and one of my favorites, the red edge painting!  

Katie had seen some of the timelines that I have done in the past on my blog and requested that we do that instead of a regular reception card. It is the longest timeline I have done, but by far my favorite and it is an added personal touch for the bride and groom.

I wanted to incorporate some of the other colors that Katie liked, such as the plums and pinks. I did this with the envelopes liners. Using images from nature, such as wood grain, florals and ferns. The finishing touch were the vintage stamps. I had so much fun picking out ones that would match!

I also crafted some accessories especially for the shoot. Drink stirrers in the same patterns as the envelope liners and s’more kits, complete with your own roasting tools!


Invitation Designer: Molly Myers, Paisley Quill or BLOG / Printer: Andrew Harrison, Utley Borthers / Calligraphy: Debi Zeinert, The Blooming Quill