Canadian Weddings From A Simple Photograph
June 22, 2010
By: eddye
North America

Today, we're going to do things just a little differently! Erin Samuell has sent us so many terrific weddings, it's really hard not to share them all! She is one sensational photographer! A Simple Photograph ~ has been featured on SMP several times in the past few months {here} {here} and {here} ... and we're serious when we say ... she's super!

a simple photo brides

Above are four of Erin's weddings ~ and rather than make you wait as we space them out throughout the day like we usually do, they're all here together! Click on any of the images (above) and you'll be taken straight-away to a page that will give you instant access to either that specific wedding or Erin's full gallery of weddings!  A mighty quick way to see a whole lot of pretty!!

from Erin ....

Every couple I photograph is unique. Every wedding is unique. I love that. I love that each experience is it's own and I strive to create for my clients a collect of images that reflects their individual "uniqueness". To do this I meet with each client several times before the wedding and talk about style, colour and decor, even favourite foods and activities. I try to get a sense of my clients. I try to figure out what makes them tick. It all helps me to prepare to photograph something that is a reflection of them, not a reflection of me.

jaime and dan ...

Jaime and Dan have one of the cutest love stories I've ever heard! Jaime and Dan lived next door to each other. That is where they met and fell in love. A true case of the girl next door! It melts my heart! Jaime and Dan were married at La Hacienda Sarria, in Waterloo, Ontario. This is the most unexpected venue. It's a Spanish villa tucked behind a residential area of the city. Its unusual. It's breath taking. This wedding was any photographer's dream. Gorgeous location, gorgeous couple and a fantastic day! Dan and Jaime opted to have a "first look" and do all of the formal portraits before the ceremony. I love it when my couples do this. Somehow I find a first look moment that much more special than the walking down the aisle moment. It's private and romantic, and much more relaxed and comfortable for the couple. For this first look, Jaime walked into the room from the amazing balcony inside the villa and I was able to capture the moment just before the reveal, when Jaime was above sneaking a peak down and Dan was anxiously waiting to see his beautiful bride. Love it. Jaime and Dan were wed on a stage that floated out OVER the pond. It appeared as though they were walking on water as they exchanged their vows. Before the reception began they headed back to the pond for their first dance in wedded bliss. Perfection! The venue itself is the show stopper here, but Jaime painstakingly decorated it in golds and crystals and the effect was over the top!

Jaime Dan A Simple Photograph

Jaime Dan A Simple Photograph Canada

jaime and dan's smp photo gallery

Jaime Dan Erin Samuell A Simple Photo Canada

rachelle and kreso

Music! There was music and food and drink EVERYWHERE at this wedding. Oh how I wish photos came with sound and taste and smell! When Kreso and Rachelle invited me to photograph their wedding, I think I came out of the arrangement the luckier one. They were married in London Ontario's most beautiful church, St Peter's. It's an amazing cathedral in the heart of the city. We wandered over to the near by art gallery for some photos and I love the industrial look of the urban backdrop, but the most exciting thing about this wedding happened late into the evening at the Croatian reception hall. Rachelle and Kreso opted to have a photo booth set up for their guests to enjoy during the reception, and this has to be where I had the most fun! Everyone was so excited to participate and I love the silliness that I was able to capture. I love when humour becomes an important element in a wedding! Why should we take ourselves so seriously? In fact we were having so much fun in the booth that when It came time to cut the cake Rachelle didn't want to interrupt the fun so we carried (carefully) the cake to the booth and devoured it on camera!

Kreso Rachelle A Simple Photo Canada

Kreso Rachelle Canada A Simple Photograph

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Kreso Rachelle Ontario Wedding

tricia and josh

Tricia and Josh were married on a very wet day at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie Ontario. The gallery offered the perfect backdrop for their modern wedding. Tricia and Josh presented a wedding that was so elegant and sophisticated and yet they themselves had such a fun and humorous side. I love that they don't take themselves too seriously!

Tricia Josh A Simple Photo Canada

Tricia Josh Erin Samuell Canada Wedding Photography

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Tricia Josh Rainy Day Canada Wedding

melissa and luke

When I met with Melissa and Luke for our first consult, Luke informed me how important it was to him that we incorporate baseball. I'll say it again. Baseball. I looked over at Melissa with a, "seriously?" look on my face to see what her reaction to this comment was and all I saw was Melissa looking at Luke with love and adoration in her eyes. If Luke wanted baseball at the wedding, I could tell with one look that Melissa was going to let it happen. So there it was. Somehow I was going to have to tastefully incorporate, baseball, into an elegant and beautiful wedding. Hmm. I had no ideas. Thankfully Luke did and if he didn't just sweep me off my feet with the suggestion of this ADORABLE dugout in a historic area of Cambridge Ontario. I have no idea how it happened, but somehow Luke and Melissa are so in love that they managed to make baseball seem like the most romantic thing in the world. And of course, we had some great fun in the PhotoBooth at the reception with the guests and bridal party!!

Melissa Luke Canada Wedding A Simple Photograph

Melissa Luke Baseball A Simple Photograph

Melissa Luke Photo Booth Canada

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sarah and tj's wet but wonderful wedding!

a tugboat e*shoot!

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