Charlotte Engagement Shoot From Kristin Vining
June 14, 2010
By: eddye

From proposal to engagement shoot to bridal shoot to wedding ... meet Kristen and Hunter at their e*shoot via the fab Kristin Vining Photography!

Kristin Vining 1

from Hunter ~ I moved to Charlotte in January 2005 to take a new job. I had spent a couple summers in Charlotte while I was at Virginia Tech and my parents were living there, so I already knew I loved it and wanted to make it back someday. Anyhoo, it’s pretty well known that through the years, I’ve been in the “serious boyfriend” role waaaay more often than not, so the prospect of being single in an awesome city, full of good looking girls and actually having my own place with a little bit (a very little bit) of money in my pocket was pretty exciting. Soooo, naturally I go and fall for the first girl I take out on a couple dates! Go figure. Kristen worked on the same floor at BofA. My first (self-assigned) project at my new job was to identify all cute girls in the vicinity, so I knew who she was right away. My boss introduced us after work one day at Brixx, our after hours watering hole of choice, and I asked her to go to the Wachovia Championship a few weeks later. It would be an understatement to say that she was quite smitten with me from that point on. I pretended not to be too interested in her as best I could, and have fought it pretty hard on several occasions over the last few years, but truth be told, it turns out she’s had me hooked from day 1.

Kristin Vining 2

Kristin Vining 3

from Kristen ~ Friday the 13th, 2009. Hunter told me he couldn’t get dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day because the restaurant was booked. Believable since Hunter procrastinates to do everything. So, Friday after work we came home and got ready for an evening out. Hunter was ready before me, naturally, so he went downstairs to wait until I was ready. I came downstairs and our golden retriever puppy came running to me with a beautiful ring tied around his neck. Hunter was soon to follow, took the ring off Jake and got down on one knee. The evening continued as we met friends at a local wine bar to celebrate, and then a private dinner at the restaurant we had planned to go to originally. And lastly he swept me away to Charleston SC the next morning for a weekend of us celebrating together!

Kristin Vining 4

Kristin Vining 5

... stayed tuned for the wedding!