Artifact Documentaries ~ Hindu Wedding Highlight Trailer
May 21, 2010
By: eddye
Tri State

Kristen Turick at Artifact Documentaries is part of the select group of cinematographers that Event DV announced are "in the bubble" of event filmmaking greatness! Here are a few things she has said about wedding cinema ...

"I've mentioned before that wedding video is changing, but it's been a process trying to erase the stigma of how many people perceive it. As more and more studios are showing that they can put high production value and make a wedding video interesting, compelling, humorous and absolutely stunning ... wedding filmmaking has been getting a lot more press through bridal blogs and even filmmakers outside of the wedding world. The term video is the baseline standard. The term documentary connotes a higher standard. The term art becomes the highest standard. Our couples come to us because they want a piece of art!"

Kristen goes on to thank all those who are spreading the wedding filmn' love to educate the masses that wedding video is no longer boring, long and full of hearts and stars.

Artifact Documentaries

We've featured one of Artifact Documentaries' films previously on The Little Black Book Blog ... Namrata and Adam's wedding encompasses the rich colors and traditions of a Hindu celebration of marriage and is a classic example of Artifact Documentaries approach to chronicling their day!  Enjoy ...

Our most sincere congratulations to Kristen & Jeff of Artifact Documentaries for being a huge part of the avante-garde concepts that are sweeping the wedding world!

We would normally be signing off for the week ... and what a week it's been!! But we have three more studios to congratulate and to introduce you to, so please check back in tomorrow for three more amazing cinematography teams and some awesome wedding films!