Studio Z Films ~ Vintage Plus Modern Hybrid Wedding Film
May 20, 2010
By: eddye

If this image doesn't grab your attention, we're not sure what will!

Studio Z

We know that all of our loyal readers already know that we are taking this week to show off our LBB members who were recognized by Event DV as the cream of the crop in the wedding film industry! We sincerely hope that all of you have taken this opportunity to see just how awesome it is to relive the memories of the day, over and over again! We've focused on wedding trailers, highlights and same day edits. You're own full features will only be a million times more amazing!

Next up ~ Steve Zugelter at Studio Z Films ...

A little bit about me ~ I truly believe that getting to know each couple and their families is what makes each wedding film distinct. We absolutely love what we do, we get to work with some amazing couples and tell their stories. For us, it goes beyond the cameras and the technology, we believe what makes our films different is our approach. What are the little things that are going on in that room that are making up this celebration? I want to focus on those little things, the Maid of Honor writing her speech in the morning, the Father of the Bride seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, the groomsmen playing golf and laughing with the soon to be groom. Of course the more formal events are important too, but its these meta-events that really tell the story of the day. I want people who have never met the couple to watch their film and feel as if they know them, as if they were there, and if I can make complete strangers feel that way, imagine the emotions the bride and groom and their families feel when they watch their film.

Today's film ~ Ashley & Adam's wedding was such an intimate and unique celebration. Everything about their wedding was exactly as they wanted it. The entire celebration was shared by 50 of their closest friends and family and there were so many little things that made this unlike any wedding I've ever seen. Their ceremony was in a gorgeous abandoned church that Ashley and Adam decorated by themselves and they included foot washings as part of the ceremony. The reception was at a classic restaurant and included some touching open mic toasts. The night completed with a post wedding Baptism for Ashley and Adam. This wedding was nothing short of stunning and I'm truly honored to have been a part of it. Their wedding film is a hybrid of Super 8mm Film and HD for a great mix of vintage with modern.

Where we film ~ Studio Z Films is an international award winning filmmaking studio based in Cincinnati, OH but is commissioned worldwide.

Congratulation to Studio Z Films! As John Goolsby said,  you are clearly in the bubble of super-stardom in the wedding world!