Backyard Wedding by Jeffrey Sampson
May 18, 2010
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If you are just now joining us, we're all about real weddings today. A little something for every taste, for every style, for every budget. And who says weddings have to include a huge poofy white dress, a church and a ballroom. Definitely not us. We've fallen hard for this backyard affair that is ALL about having fun and celebrating with the ones you love. Photographed by Jeffrey Sampson, this really is what a wedding is all about. Click here to see lots more.

backyard wedding

backyard wedding

backyard wedding

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From Jeffrey Sampson...

This Rustic Family Farm Wedding tops the charts for Gorgeous, Truly Sentimental, and Heart Felt Weddings!! A little bit about Dione & Garrett- Dione was born and raised in Crooks, South Dakota.  Garrett grew up in Hawaii and California.  Their adventurous paths in life led them to meet around the Los Angeles, California area.

The wedding was held at Dione's family farm in Crooks, South Dakota. The ceremony took place in a near pasture and the reception/hoedown in their very backyard!! For every detail they decided upon for the wedding they made sure to have that detail link directly to something super important to their lives and relationship.  Here's a little example...Dione's brother had passed away in a tragic accident.  Before he left this earth he had planted a tree near the family house....25 years later this would be the tree that they Dione & Garrett got married at.  The heart shaped rocks and amazingly huge tree was Dione's brothers' presence.  In the middle of their wedding ceremony they had each member of the wedding party as well as Mom & Dad from both sides come up to help plant another tree in there ceremony spot next to brother's tree.  Dione's father, a rough and hard farmer from South Dakota, spent months before the wedding HAND MAKING a rustic bar to serve beverages all night in and rustic covered wagon for food serving and photo ops!  Dione's father and close neighbors marinated LARGE Ribeye Steaks all morning and by that evening grilled them along with Roasted Corn, 3 kinds of family recipe baked beans, Beef Brisket, and Cornbread.  The menu was to die for...delicious and homemade.  The covered wagon was life size and served as a outdoor mini kitchen to the food prep work. Pastor was a family friend from California and also posed as their bartender in the Hand-Made Bar to all their guests.  At the end of the night they had a blue grass band/ family friend down the road play music on the porch.  Garrett being part Chinese, Hawaiian, & African American....they incorporated a Chinese Symbol as a topper on their wedding cake.

I could really go on and on about detail after detail about this wedding...everything absolutely had a reason.  And it was gorgeous!!