From Inspiration to Reality: The Board
May 12, 2010

It is about that time for one of our FAVORITE features and we are beyond excited to debut this beauty. As you know, inspiration comes in ALL sorts of pretty shapes and sizes. From a gorgeous piece of fabric to a hot pair of shoes, it runs the gamut. And the muse behind our latest From Inspiration to Reality shoot is no exception. It is in fact one of the most beloved flavors of ice cream out chocolate chip. Love it! Dished out by JMM Photography, Amo Ink, Yellow Canary and a bevy of other brilliant vendors, this shoot is chalk full of eye candy and better yet, yummy inspiration for your own wedding. Before we get into the pretty, pretty details, take a look at the Colette's minty board that started it all. Pure deliciousness.

Mint Chocolate Chip

The perfect combination of cool mint hues mixed with those crisp blacks gives this look a timeless vintage feel while still maintaining a modern perspective. And, just wait until you see the resulting shoot. Absolute perfection. We'll be back in a wee bit with the latest From Inspiration to Reality creation.