Wedding Film From Buzz Media ~ Super 8 Pretty
May 5, 2010
By: eddye

We're always about the pretty. Pretty flowers, pretty gowns, pretty centerpieces, pretty maids ... you name it ~ we're all over it. But in addition to being so very pretty, Michelle and John's wedding weekend was a testament to all that's glorious about the celebration of marriage.

Michelle & John SNAP Photography

photography courtesy of SNAP!

This short film from Mike at Buzz Media Company doesn't focus on the celebrity aspects of Michelle & John's wedding ~ it's a wonderfully sentimental Super 8 composition that will definitely bring a lump to your throat.  You know, Super 8 cinematography isn't just a phase cinematographers are going through. It's a phenomenon and it's pure art.

John & Michelle Super 8 from Buzz Media Company on Vimeo.

Pretty much anything set to the words of "Moon River" makes me weepy. But weepy in a really good way. Thank you Mike, for showing us that when you strip away all the pomp and circumstance, weddings will always bring magnificent emotions!

More of Michelle and John's wedding and engagement cinematography from Buzz Media Company ~

Wedding Day Highlight

Michelle & John's Welcome Clambake Dinner

Michelle & John's E-Shoot

Michelle and John's wedding was big news. It was featured on WE TV's Platinum Weddings, Raina Dawn Events, and in a recent issue of Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style magazine. Raina Dawn Events featured an inspiration board put together by the fab photographers at SNAP!

Michelle & John ~ SNAP ~ Raina Dawn Events

All wedding credits can be found at WE TV ~ Platinum Weddings