Wellington, South Africa Wedding by Jan Hendrik
April 29, 2010

When I first saw this wedding by Jan Hendrik, I started hyperventilating like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.  I seriously have a debilitating crush on every little nook and cranny of fresh, clean inspiration this ravishing wedding has to offer!  Each and every incredible detail makes my heart beat a little faster.  The simple yet stunning color palette is GLORIOUS.  The bride's sleek, classic, unadorned gown made of white denim fits the aesthetic almost as perfectly as it fits her figure.  Jan Hendrik's photography is pure ecstasy, and this, the wedding of Karen and Graeme, is no exception.  As if all of that wasn't enough, the bride's enthusiasm, alone, makes it impossible not to fall in love with the couple and the day.  Can't wait to see it all?  Get thee to the gallery!
















{To see this incredible wedding in its entirety, click here to go to the gallery!}

I'll let Karen take it away with the details:

I’ve never dreamed of my wedding day, no files and collages of what and where and how.  The nightmares had literally begun.  Where would I start?  Graeme quickly noticed the bags under my eyes and deer in headlights sheer panic and offered the wedding gift of a Wedding Coordinator.  Enter Lisa.  She was always a step ahead of me and with every step she was spot on; she somehow knew exactly what and how I wanted it, like a sister would.  Not only was she amazing in her talent but also in her own person - so was the talent she surrounded us with, Jade my hair and make-up artist, Jan Hendrik our photographer, Okasie our florist…  The comfort that all of their personalities and talents provided us allowed this usually anxiety filled panic stricken over thinker to be a bride capable of having a nap on the morning of her wedding.

My dress: I wanted white denim, structured and clean. I’m by no means a shiny princess and I didn’t want a dress that stood up by itself and made a swooshing sound (as Meredith said to Izzy in Grey’s Anatomy).  This didn’t go down well with the folks, the fabric shops or the dress maker.  But I stuck by it, and by the end even Kristin, my dressmaker, gushed.

The shoes meant a visit to my sister in Dubai to shop - her gift to me - Georgina Goodman’s and on sale for 80% off!  Finding my jewelry was hard; many antique markets later I could not find the vintage mar gazette pieces I yearned for.  However, an accessory shop in Sandton’s window display finally flashed me.

Hair and make-up, two disastrous hair trials with local strangers later I arrived the Wednesday before the wedding in Cape Town at Jade’s place (another stranger) with no brief and no pictures what so ever, just sheer hope that she could make me beautifully happy.

I’d never had my make up done by someone before and after she Mac’ed and Bobby Browned me I felt the most beautiful I have ever, could ever.  As for the hair, well, her first style left my sister and I shaking our heads in disbelief at just how awesome it looked.  Graeme designed all of the stationery and the rings which have the stationery doodle on and fit together like puzzle pieces.  Also, all the gents, the groom, best men and dad’s wore grey Converse All Stars - another point the mom’s weren’t impressed by.  Our First Dance was to Yeah Yeah Yeahs Hysteric, and we had dance classes by the lovely and patient choreographer Glenda Piemer.  I could see with every lesson and practice session that this was Graeme’s next gift to me as he smiled but through gritted teeth.

Finally, there was one cake per table, each in a different flavor, so we could do the cutting of each and a photo thereof with the beautiful guests stationed at each. This served as their yum dessert.  The whole thing was a total dream, perfection, the cliché best day and night of my life.

Congratulations, Karen and Graeme!  Thank you so much for sharing your incredible wedding with us!

xoxo, Alison of The Knotty Bride

Photographer: Jan Hendrik / Dress Maker: Kristin Masters, Garnish / Wedding Co-ordinator: Lisa Schoeman, Talk Functions / Hair & Make Up Artist: Jade Tara Leggat / Florist: Okasie / Cakes: Kanya Hunt / Rings: Jan, Sirkel